Potty Training Guys – He Never Gets Lost

Teaching boys to go to the bathroom is different from teaching girls, for obvious reasons. One problem children can have when learning to pee standing up is the missing factor.

You would think that since they are so short and so close to going to the bathroom, it would be an easy target. Apparently, that is not the case.

Here are a couple of tips to help you:

1. Don’t wait until you’re dancing

If you’re already dancing, you’ll probably start dancing before you take it out of your pants.

This will require some discipline on your part for a while, remember to encourage him from time to time. They will probably resist, but a simple bribe should be enough to overcome that.

2. make sure the bathroom is not cold

If you have chills or chills, disaster is inevitable. If this happens, remember that it is not your child’s fault. A chill is a reflection. Do not be angry.

3. Increase your focus

It’s hard to take aim when you’re distracted by something at the counter or a yelling brother in the hallway. I have found a way that helps to overcome distractions and increase concentration.

All children are born with a destructive instinct to seek and destroy. It must be part of our hunting heritage or something.

Make your goal something you can focus on. Put a handful of Cheerios or Fruit Loops in the pot and tell him they are enemy ships, or critters, or just “Floaty O’s”. They will be no match for your mighty stream.

These potty training tips should make life easier, keep your bathroom cleaner, and make your child’s potty training more interesting.

Let the adventure begin!