Practical Tips for Social Media: The 7 Universal Laws of Social Marketing Success and Profit

Do you know how to use social media and social marketing to be successful in your business? You will when you read and use these 7 Universal Laws.

There are many different opinions on how to be successful with social media and social marketing, and if it is worth it. To that end, here are the 7 universal laws for social marketing success and profit.

The law of relationship – All this of social networks is based on the relationship. Gone are the days when you could simply launch a website, get some traffic, and make sales, all while hiding behind your computer. If those days were really here … Social marketing is based on the relationship you have with your followers, prospects and customers.

The law of connection – People are hungry for connection in all its forms. They are so hungry to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. This is a very important part of human nature.

The 80/20 Law – I see people blowing this all the time and they don’t even know how much it hurts. On any social marketing site you want to be 80% social and 20% marketing. Remember, it’s about relationships and connections. Do the relationship and connection part, and you can market on Social Media. Don’t do it and you will be ignored.

The law of faith – There are still a lot of people out there, some of them great marketers who should know more, who say they don’t believe in Social Marketing. This is a case where it is something like gravity, it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not to affect you.

The law of scope – If you want to expand your reach on the Internet, social media is the place to be. By strategically using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites, you can extend your reach far beyond traditional internet marketing.

The law of success – This arena is still very much the “wild west” and there is still time and space for you to be very successful in it in your niche. You can become a thought leader in your niche when you properly leverage social marketing.

The law of profit – There are those who still claim that you cannot benefit in any way from Social Marketing or Social Media, much direct benefit. I hope these people continue to be my competition. And yours.