Raise your first kitten

Bringing home your first kitten is exciting and you are about to open up a whole new world with your precious new pet. I will never forget the day I brought my first kitten home.

As a child I never grew up around cats as my father was super allergic and even a small amount of hair would make his eyes puffy and his throat clog up. So I never considered getting a cat myself.

One beautiful day in May, I was doing some shopping and I saw a sign that said a nearby pet store was closing and of course they were having a massive sale to try to sell everything before closing their doors. Little did I know that after walking through that door I would fall in love with one of the most beautiful creatures I could ever welcome into my home. To Bengal! It was love at first sight! It was streaked so beautifully and that gorgeous face melted my heart. After first hearing the cost, I was shocked and had to really think about it. After a few minutes of browsing the store after telling the store owner that I needed to think about it, he (the store owner) came up to me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

So I bought everything I needed at the store. Litter box, some cat toys, some cat food bowls and of course that precious lump of fur in a box ready to go home. Tigger (as he was called because of his stripes) was so scared! I felt so bad and I just wanted to comfort him and hug him! But he wasn’t going to have that. I’m pretty sure he was traumatized in some way.

Getting him straight to the door and then presenting him to the house was a new struggle all on its own! Nothing like bringing home a puppy, which was the only thing she really knew (besides cows and horses).

Tigger was elusive and very wary of his new surroundings, as he had to be accused of sniffing a boisterous one-year-old German Shepherd. As I ran down to the basement (where I strategically placed his litter box and installed a cat door) he found the safety of him in the corner behind the washing machine. I also added a small blanket that my dog ​​slept on to get him used to the smell of it.

He didn’t want to leave the basement for almost a month! Even trying to coax him with treats and toys, I couldn’t get very close. He took time and patience and I made sure to respect his space. Finally one day he crept upstairs and came out to see me in the living room. He gave me a little purr and snuggled into my lap. I was impressed! He had finally warmed up to me and trusted me after all this time.

A year later I was offered another kitten which of course I welcomed with open arms and the process was so much easier with him! I now have two very happy cats who absolutely love their mom. Even though it took time to learn and understand them, I would never go back and change anything. My advice though is if you are a first time kitten owner, take the time to make sure the kitten you want to bring home isn’t too scared of you and if you do have one, just take some time with him or her. her and show her love. and respect so that they learn to trust you.