See you in court

Justice prevails, also the judiciary. The entire world, from primitive to contemporary times, cried out for justice and won a significant victory each time to achieve it. If we go through the perfect sense of the word “Justice”. The Oxford dictionary defines it as a quality of being fair and just. Justice incorporates a just world, which maintains the equity of the individual and society. It would be a danger if we consider the just window of a single person and we put injustice to society or any institution. That’s when the need to compromise came to light. But does this compromising element degrade the interests of a single party or entity?

Justice prevails when truth purges. Has this sect of justice taking the truth as its armor always potentiated? No, even if the cited, convicted or defendant appears in court trying to get out of the crime and the victim, it is about to make them kneel in the “socially just and equitable room”, that is, the court. The imputed charges are later dropped, and the condemned man used to give a mischievous and devilish look with a smile to the victim to win a false war for treason. The victim then feels alienated from this society, as the pinnacle of law-abiding has made him a law-abiding citizen for the future. And the person ends up with mental depression, suicide or that pathetic dilemma that suddenly opens the next life of the individual. But still, justice in court has a certain truth that makes people say, also in today’s life, to challenge the opposition, “see you in court.” This proves that his mind inclined to avail himself of justice through the path of truth. Justice will retain its meaning and power when it is not aligned with terms like marketing, discrimination, etc. The same punishment must be enabled with the same level of crime. This also makes the term “proletariat” change its meaning. Because justice never calculates the level of people, it is propagated only with the level of underlying truthfulness in a case. In addition, justice imparts the possibility for an individual to live in society, accentuate and gain power over their personal freedom, rights, etc.

Justice must be like a diminuendo in practice for both the bourgeoisie and the lower class. Then, it will be equally possible that the day when a bourgeois or lower community does not feel indecisive enough to say “see you in court” is not so far away. When this practice is maintained, the third base of democracy will also find and celebrate its discovery of the original definition of fair and equitable decision-making, to be true.