Serving God and Humanity the Edwin Achum Way

Edwin Achum, a chief, philanthropist, and community leader, from Achalla in the northern Awka local government area in southeastern Nigeria’s Anambra state, died last week in Lagos at the age of 80.

But, while on this earth plane, the late Achum, born in Achalla on March 15, 1943, was educated at the University of Nigeria Nsukka-Nigeria, where he obtained a BA in sociologist and anthropologist.

He distinguished himself and served our country with an estimated population of 203 million people now, with devotion. Today, he is dead and missing.

This is certainly pious, humane, and therefore worthy of emulation. In a country ravaged by corruption, Edwin was a rare gem.

He came, saw and did his bit to make Nigeria a better country.

His wife, Dr. (Ms) Grace Achum said that her late husband retired as Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service. This is true and customs will certainly miss you.

His son, Valentine Tobechukwu Achum, also said that his late father was and continues to be described by most of his former colleagues in customs as the best customs officer in Nigeria. This is a good copy for the late Achum.

Beyond these preliminary comments, Edwin was a charitable community leader. He assisted in the development of local government structures in his state, Anambra.

He also donated his country house to be used as a secretariat for the local government of Awka North. This is a good copy for God and humanity.

Why will you and I be remembered when we leave this earth plane? This is a great question that we should all ponder while we are in a daily hustle, chasing money and wealth. There is a time to be born and a time to die.

Take it or leave it, there is life after the supposed dead and our thoughts, words and deeds now will determine where we are born when we return to this earth. God bless the soul of Edwin Achum.

The deceased was also a devout Christian and a parishioner of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Ladipo, Oshiodi, Lagos, southwestern Nigeria. I’m pretty sure the church will miss the physical present of this godly man as well.

Even the presidency, through Debo Adesina, spokesperson for Muhammed Buhari, President of Nigeria, confirmed this in a message of condolence sent to the wife of the deceased humanitarian, Dr. (Ms) Grace Achum, who is the editor-publisher at Head of Businessplus. Magazine, Lagos, southwestern Nigeria.

In addition to donating his country house to be used as a local government secretariat, the deceased contributed greatly to the growth and development of Achalla, his hometown, and was appointed life patron of the Lagos branch of the Achalla Improvement Union. ” read in the statement.