Sewing Crafts: How To Make A Wonderfully Useful And Creative Bag Organizer

Are you having a battle keeping your plastic grocery bags organized and in one place? Making a dishtowel bag organizer is a great way to keep your recyclable plastic bags organized and practical. These simple instructions are easy to follow and you’ll be able to make one for every room in your home and garage in just minutes.

Your bag organizer can be easily stored in your kitchen by hanging it on a magnetic hook on the side of your refrigerator. Or, if you prefer to keep it out of sight, place it inside a kitchen cabinet or under the sink. Another great use would be to hang it in your bedroom closets, linen closets, or bathroom cabinets. By placing a terry bag organizer in these areas, you will keep your Recyclable bags nice and handy for emptying trash cans (especially if you have a two-story house), and it will save you time! In addition, it will also be useful to hang one in your garage or laundry room. If you have a pet, you may find it easier to grab a recyclable plastic bag from your bag organizer to take with you when you walk your pet.

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • 1 Terry Decorative Dish Towel: We chose one with a fringed edge.
  • 1 roll of yarn: white or any coordinating color to match the tea towel.
  • sewing needle
  • Satin ribbon: 8in. length
  • straight pins

Step 1: Fold the terry tea towel in half with the right sides together and the wrong sides facing out.

Step 2: Secure the ends in place with pins along the open side of the tea towel.

Step 3: Using your needle and thread (or sewing machine), sew a 1/4-inch seam down the pinned side, making sure to remove the pins and snip any loose threads.

Stage 4: Next, fold the ribbon in half creating an 8-inch length. Sew the ribbon to the top right side of the tea towel to form a bow.

Step 5: Turn the bag right side out and insert your recyclable plastic bags into the bag holder filling it from either end until it is full.

There you go. An organized bag organizer for your recyclable plastic bags That’s a useful and practical sewing craft project, and it’s also a wonderful green craft project if you decide to recycle and use an old towel instead of throwing it in the trash or garage. For more great sewing crafts and eco-friendly craft ideas, check out some of our other articles for more tips on easy-to-make projects.