Share personalized content effectively on LinkedIn

Creating amazing content, in general, is an absolute must for your brand. On top of that, you need to consider the various social networks that you are a member of. The interactions that result from the content you post are essential to your business. One important thing to remember is that the content you share will not (and should not) necessarily be identical on all social networks.

The nature of your content
The main social network for professionals is LinkedIn. The content you share on LinkedIn should be very suitable for the people you interact with because not only do you want those people to read what you are posting, but you also want them to share your content as much as possible (with people). If that’s going to happen, you will need to make sure your content is engaging, valuable, educational, and thought-provoking. It may seem like a difficult task, but once you have a few successful pieces of content under your belt, it will be easier to write content that possesses all of those qualities.

Now that you’ve focused your mind on those concepts, you have a responsibility to give your target audience members what they want so that you, too, can get what you need. There’s no question that everyone will benefit from writing great content that appeals to other people enough that they want to share it with others they know and trust.

You may want to see it differently. By sharing valuable content, you have proven yourself to be the expert you know yourself to be, they will look really good, and your friends and colleagues will have amazing content on their hands.

When it comes to sharing valuable content on LinkedIn, there is another positive result to come as well. It will help you build your network of contacts, which are very important for your brand and your business.

There are several different things you can do to get other people to share the content you post on LinkedIn:

  • Write a title that makes them stand up and pay attention: Due to the large volume of content on the Internet, your title have to stand out above the rest. That means you should start with the first part of the content that they will see, which is the title. The title should be everything it should be (and something else). Your headline should not only grab the attention of your readers, it should go much further than that. Your title should be compelling, intriguing, and exciting. It is important to remember here that your title should encapsulate the entire article and if you don’t deliver on your promise in the title, you will lose credibility with your readers.
  • Wrap your mind around your target audience: It is critical to your success that you understand exactly who your target audience is and that you have a strong sense of what they want to read. You certainly want to give them what they want and need, if possible. Your title (and the rest of the article) should address any problems that you are trying to solve and have not been able to solve up to this point. The concept that should motivate you is WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). No matter how awesome you and your business are, if you can’t solve your problems, you won’t get anywhere with them. It’s that easy.
  • Make sure your content is unique: People who are involved with LinkedIn have a wealth of content at their fingertips at any time. That’s exactly why your content needs to stand out and it should always be different enough for others to pay attention to it. This is where your creativity will come into play. It must, indeed. The last thing you want to do is share content that sounds like everyone else’s content. It just doesn’t make any sense. If that were the case, your readers would read the first thing they see, without any discrimination. Try to think outside the box as much as you can. There is no doubt that you are capable of doing that. It may just take a little practice.
  • Always use your own voice: It is essential that you find your voice and use it consistently. Your voice is what makes your writing and your business uniquely yours. Your voice will take you very far. It will be the reason other people want to connect with you, read your content, and eventually buy what you are selling. Never pretend to be someone you are not. People will know that you are not being genuine.
  • Connect emotionally with your readers: Without the emotional connection, you will not be able to build a relationship. Emotional connection is the reason humans relate to each other. They have similar feelings and have had common experiences. It is a well-known fact that people buy products and / or services based on how those products and / or services or the person making the sale feel. They will never buy for any other reason. With that in mind, you need to make sure you get it right at all times.

LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals. The content you share through LinkedIn must be unique and extremely effective for that particular social network. The story you tell through your content must be memorable and must deeply move your readers. Always keep in mind that your content, which must be very well written, must also be published with the appropriate frequency. More is not always better, but too little is not effective either. By sharing effective content, you will not only please your readers, but you will also make them feel like they want to share that content with other people they know and trust, which is exactly what you want them to do.