Slap N Tickle, Caleta De Fuste

For my first assignment with Feurteventura News, I thought about writing about what I know: socializing! As I flipped through the most recent issue, the bar ads caught my eye. Many bars in Caleta de Fuste choose to advertise on paper, and it is these bars that concern me the most. If your bar or favorite bar does not appear here, it is due to the luck of the draw, or the fact that they choose to advertise elsewhere, if at all.

I hope this is an ongoing series, so that all is not lost yet.

I decided to take a tour of some of the island’s bars and evaluate them based on my 2-hour night out. I would not rate or judge by details as I think it would be too clinical. I wrote all the names of the bars and put them in city groups, then I randomly drew 6 for each of the largest cities. First it was Caleta de Fuste; a growing resort town just south of the airport. Surely you know Caleta de Fuste since it is one of the main tourist spots on the island, and some bars, but not all, reflect it. Like Corralejo in appearance, Caleta may seem a bit garish to the outsider, but look a little deeper, as I have, and you will find great places to eat and drink, lots of things to do during the day, a couple of super safe places. beaches for children and many cafes and coffee shops too. But today we deal with a bar:

The Slap ‘n’ Tickle, Caleta de Fuste.

This bar has been run for just over a year by four excellent people; Natalie, Rhys, Paul and Michele, prior to this the bar was a warehouse for pool equipment so they have done very well to make this a great place for a night out as I found out.

I arrived at the allotted time of 8pm (a time that I will use for all bars for this article, with a 10pm check out time) I took my place at the bar (again something I will repeat for review purposes), and I was cared for by Natalie; a nice funny woman with the dirtiest laugh you’ve ever heard. He poured me an excellent pint and began to chat nicely about this and that, telling me about the recent one-year anniversary of the bars, and even gifted me a T-shirt to commemorate this fact. While Natalie was busy with other clients, her PR agent brought in a cheerful family of four, Rhys immediately made them feel welcome with free shots for the adults and soft drinks for the kids. The children immediately went to the children’s area; a part of the bar enclosed by glass walls and full of toys, a Wendy house, a Play Station, a black board, and some security carpet floors. I think this is a great idea, Mom and Dad can get drunk (or even drunk), knowing that kids can’t hurt each other, and they are busy for a while.

From my point of view, I noticed that the rest of the clients seemed like a happy bunch, with some enthusiastically joining in at the end of the questionnaire. One couple desperately needs to get out more as they gave ALL the correct answers for the musical intro question. I understood Follyfoot and Black Beauty correctly, so I also felt cocky.

In the corner there was a group of 6 girls celebrating one of their eighteen years. In the corners were happy birthday signs, as well as balloons and banners. The drinks flowed freely and the girls seemed to be having a good time. Paul later told me that they do this for the birthdays of anyone who stays at the resort for free, and there is usually at least one a week. A charming touch and proof that something so simple can go so far to make someone’s day and vacation more memorable.

When the quiz was finished, Paul took the stage and handed out Karaoke books. I’m not a fan of Karaoke, but this was done quite well, Paul sang a few songs to cheer up the crowd, and then one by one the bravest sponsors put their names in to try. Great fun, but not if you can’t sing, but some would say it’s the opposite. I would find out later that “Elvis would be in the building” as they also have acts several times a week.

I left the bar, happy, shortly before ten o’clock to the Slap n Tickle anthem “Sweet Caroline” – you had to be there …

Altogether a great bar, with a family and festive atmosphere; A lot of noise, a lot of very cheap drinks, they also serve very good food at very good prices until 10 at night (French fries with curry sauce are the perfect accompaniment to a beer and a song, don’t you think?). The bar is open until “late”.

A taxi home thinks to me.

Slap and tickle bar,

Castillo Mar,

4 Franchi Roca,

Caleta de Fuste 35610,

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands