Table manners and etiquette

Wikipedia defines table manners as “table manners are the rules used when eating, which may also include the proper use of utensils.”

Many people don’t feel comfortable dining out simply because they don’t know the rules that should be followed when dining out. It’s hard to learn table manners at a glance, but here are some tips to improve your table manners.

Remember, good manners are always in style and add to your personality.

1. Never fill your spoon to the brim.

2. Clean the bottom of the spoon with the 12 o’clock position.

3. Sit up straight and do not lean over the food.

4. Bring the food towards you.

5. Why do we lean over food? This is because the spoons we use at home are smaller.

6. Do not tilt the soup bowl to get the last few drops out.

7. Mannerism and etiquette are more important than finishing the small portion.

8. As soon as you sit down at the table, take the napkin and spread it on your lap.

9. If you need to go to the bathroom, just say “excuse me” or “I’ll be right back.” No further explanations are needed.

10. Never say “I want to go to the bathroom.”

11. Where do you put your napkin when you get up from the table temporarily? You should leave it to the meat.

12. How should the napkin be left? Nicely folded or loose? You should leave it crumbled/loosely folded.

13. Food should be served from the left side and passed to the right side.

14. Do not take any phone calls while sitting at the table. Just say “excuse me” and walk away.

15. Never call service personnel “waiter” or “excuse me”. Instruct service personnel to look you in the eye whenever possible.

16. When you go for the next plate, do not take the used plate. The servers will remove it.

17. Avoid making noise while pushing the chair back to get up.

18. Don’t overfill your plate with food.

19. The fork should be held in the left hand and the knife in the right hand.

20. Don’t hold the fork and knife like a spoon.

21. Your fork and knife should be held firmly in your palm.

22. Fold food so you don’t have to open your mouth too wide.

23. If you need to talk, finish the food in your mouth or cover your mouth with one of your hands.

24. If the food is cut into a smaller size that may fall on the way, use a spoon.

25. Replace your knife with your spoon quickly many times during the meal, but don’t replace people.

26. The red dot on the placed near the serving plate indicates non-vegetable food and the green dot indicates plant food.

27. If the serving plate is near someone else, never reach over and take the plate. Ask the person sitting next to you.

28. That person must not push the plate towards you. She should pick it up and respectfully hand it over to you.

29. To advance to the next course, wait for others to join. So get up together and start together.

These are just a few tips. There is much more to learn about table manners. The most important thing is to learn by doing in this case. So go ahead, go out to dinner and practice yourself.