Tantric advice for sexually frustrated people

Tantra is a spiritual path and a lifestyle more than anything else and a completely new way of approaching everything that we have to face on a daily basis, and this includes sexuality. If you are sexually frustrated and dissatisfied, this has a negative impact on your productivity, mood, health, and all other aspects of your being; With the help of Tantra, you can learn to deal with sexual frustration and turn it into something positive.

We often associate sexual frustration with lust for something different or someone different, however if we act on all of our desires, we could easily destroy the relationship we are in and hurt our partner. To avoid destruction, you must learn to channel your sexual energy in the proper way; This can be done by practicing certain exercises or rituals, either on your own or together with your partner. One of the most powerful aspects of Tantra is the strength it gives couples to learn how to touch and be touched, how to enjoy each other’s presence, and how to form a great physical and spiritual bond. This is easily accomplished with the help of sensual tantric massage, where the giver and the recipient connect on many levels; These massage sessions go beyond the physical, but are nonetheless extremely pleasurable and a great way to relieve sexual tension.

Another way to combat sexual frustration is to channel your sexual energy into other aspects of your life; This could give your new project or new business the boost it might have needed, while also generating enormous satisfaction. The erotic is extremely powerful and should not be allowed to cause negative emotions; With the help of tantric exercises and mediation, you could transform yourself from an irritable and sexually frustrated man or woman into a person with energy and positive vibe.