The 5 imperatives for a successful website design in 2017

As the years go by, we see the arrival of new elements and styles of website design. Of course, it is imperative to include those key ingredients, as they will help you successfully evoke your brand’s voice in the best possible way. While you certainly don’t need to fit in and flaunt all of the pop-ups on your website, but in essence, many of them have the potential to enhance your visitor’s experience to a much more significant level.

Let’s find out the best recipe for what it takes to meet the expectations of your modern audience in 2017. Keep it in your arsenal.

Revealing Top 5 Website Elements That Will Work Wonders In 2017:

Element n. # 1: unusual, unique and bold typeface

There are a variety of companies that follow their own font or typeface to express the voice of their brand. Fonts are something that sits deep in the visitor’s mind and immediately helps them differentiate between you and your competitor. So while choosing your font better, be sure to stay close to expressing your identity through typography. For example, your selection of typography can give clues to your business domain, such as whether it is functional, insightful, hilarious, serious, or whatever. So be specific.

Element n. 2: Modern Aesthetics with Giant Product Images

For an aesthetically pleasing website, visuals play a crucial role that you can’t dodge. Modernizing your website design by adding large, responsive, and panoramic product images can provide an immersive experience, certainly capturing the attention of any passing visitor. Plus, adding background videos with text overlay that blends well with your brand’s voice is the key to increasing customer attention and retention.

Element # 3: Inclusion of labeled burger menus

Most of the websites you browse will likely have a long menu of options to choose from. Although they are good for direct accessibility, they fail to keep up by taking up a huge space on the screen. This loophole can be covered up by the hidden or (tagged) burger menu. The basic advantage of using this hidden menu is that you are directly eliminating busy browsing from your website, making the user experience distraction-free, giving them a clear path to explore your website, which in turn improves the likelihood that the customer will land on the desired page without feeling overwhelmed.

Element # 4: Intuitiveness

As a business owner, you must have a clear view of the expectations that an average user wants from you. Determining the clear motive of visitors when they visit your website will help your users feel that you know exactly what they want. The winning point to remember is “The fewer clicks you require, the better your chances of making a sale on the first visit”!

Element n. 5: content will always be king

Gone are the trends when content was peppered with terra-sized facts. After the growing tilt of popular social media sites like Instagram, Twitter … the newest way to fill content is by keeping it well articulated, direct and in the most condensed way. Much of the promotional and informational content is obscure and detailed.

I hope that helps! But make sure you are wise in choosing the right website development company that strictly adheres to changing technology trends and gives you the best while preventing old waning trends.