The 5 most popular cookies

As grocery lists in the US fill up every day, cookies always slip into the shopping cart and get listed in some way. After all, how could we survive without cookies? As children, it was essential in my home and in my neighborhood. From the good homemade cookie to big brands like Nabisco. Nabisco has been baking pretty cookies since 1898. The location for that goodness is East Hanover, New Jersey.

The Nabisco Company spun off from Kraft Foods in 2012 and now the art of cookie making and baking the best in cookies belongs to Mondelez International. This company was known as National Dairy Products since 1923 and is established in Deerfield, Illinois. Many people ask why Kraft would part ways with Nabisco. After all, this is one of the best-known brands in grocery stores across America. The main reason is that it was an attempt to split into two companies for Kraft. In addition, Kraft’s parent company Phillip Morris bought it for $ 14.9 million in 2000. The advantage of this trading company was enormous. But all loyal Nabisco fans can be sure that the company only moved for those purposes in 2012 and nothing else. There will be no Twinkie situation here!

So having given you the history of the Nabisco company along with the movement and changes within the Kraft Foods network, we can now move on to the top 5 cookies on the planet. Apart from the gourmet cookies, of course. We will keep them for mass produced cookies. Here’s my top five list:

  1. The Oreo (most won’t disagree!)
  2. To-Today Tokens
  3. Fig Newton
  4. Nut butter
  5. Stripes of fudge (Keebler)

In my book 4 of the top 5 are made by Nabisco or Mondelez International products. Keebler cookies have also been a long time favorite and they have an extensive collection of cookies, but I think most people will agree that The Oreo is the best cookie. Milk and cookies are a strong bonding tradition at home for many families, including my own. So if you haven’t started a milk and cookie tradition in your home yet, get started and try some of the top 5 cookies in this article today.

You can try these products in conjunction with Nabisco coupons to lower your shopping experience and expand your savings without giving up any of the quality cookies I mentioned above. Take the time to shop smart with coupons and create special moments with your family today.