The aeronautical capital of the United States, Wichita, KA is taking off again

Wichita, KS Economic Outlook is on the mend even with all the aerospace layoffs there. In Wichita there are 79.4% white, 9.1% black and 22% of the jobs are in the manufacturing industry, where the average wage is more than $ 18.45 per hour or on an average 39.5 hours per week is more than 45,000 annual annual earnings – High paying manufacturing jobs. Most of which are related to aviation, 56% are exclusively aviation.

Even with layoffs and more to come, things look better than most manufacturing cities. 46% of employers thought they could lay off more people next year, but the indication is that 54% will not. That’s better than most of the manufacturing-related cities we travel to, like Stanton PA, Allentown PA, Manchester NH, Tulsa OK, etc. With similar MSA characteristics when it comes to manufacturing. Last year 64% of employers were laid off. Retail is up a bit mainly due to newer stores, such as Wal-mart, Grocery, and Pet Retail Companies. Overall, without that, we saw a 3% decline in retail last year, probably layoffs again in the aviation manufacturing sectors.

Downtown is getting another update, one area is similar to OKC Brick Town, often commuters just call it Brick City, even AAA in the magazine called it that.

The City of Bricks

theme and has attracted residents and tourists especially on weekends to shop, hang out and spend. Nashville-like bars are open for kids and outdoor dining venues as well. A River Walk project is also scheduled, a reduced version of the one in San Antonio.


Hopefully those projects will prevent the city center from deteriorating. Wichita ambassadors are sponsoring a project to alert their commercial and retail businesses to keep the center clean of debris to attract more business. They have published a little brochure “Whose job is it? The Truth About Keeping Our City Safe And Attractive ”The brochure you quote, awning repair, graffiti problems, garbage cans, bus stops, etc. It is a problem since there are low-income areas throughout the city center, especially in the south.

We are pleased to report that Wichita KS is taking off again thanks to the teamwork of the entire community.