The beauty of black German shepherds

The black German shepherd is a great family pet. He may be a bit strong for small children, but with proper training he will become very respectful of little ones. He is a very loyal and vigilant dog with a very pleasant temperament. It is extremely trainable and can be used for many purposes. The differences between the Black German Shepherd and the regular German Shepherd are very few.

The Black German Shepherd has maintained the more traditional look of a German Shepherd over the years and is larger than the normal German Shepherd. Their fur can be short or long and flowing and their mane can be feathered or have sockets. His back is also straighter and does not shrink. Shrinking is a typical characteristic of the regular German Shepherd. The only thing you should be concerned about with the Black German Shepherd is hip and elbow dysplasia. With proper preventative care, this problem can be overcome.

If you wanted to buy a black German shepherd it would cost you between eight hundred and a thousand dollars. The darker the color of the coat and the more luxurious it is, the more expensive the dog will be. Black German Shepherd puppies are very abundant and shouldn’t be difficult to locate. They are the most popular dog in Australia. Their litters can reach up to ten cubs.

To keep your Black German Shepherd healthy, you need to give him plenty of exercise every day. Don’t confine him to a small yard, as this can be detrimental to the dog’s temperament. Large dogs need large areas to run and play. Proper grooming is also recommended to keep your dog healthy. Grooming depends on the length of the dog’s coat. Extra brushing is always recommended for Black German Shepherds during shedding season and the cooler months. Bathing should be done monthly or, if your dog likes to roll around in the mud, he should be bathed “as needed.”

The Black German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog and must be trained accordingly. These dogs want to be trained because they want to please their owners. Due to their stable and good temperament, Black German Shepherds have been used as police dogs, customs dogs, assistance dogs for the disabled, correctional service dogs, obedience dogs, and companion animals.

These dogs make fabulous pets and are hard working dogs. They can be used in almost any setting because they are so versatile and obedient. They can be trained to do almost anything. They are great with children as long as they are given their limits with young children. They are very protective of children in their home and make excellent watchdogs. What can’t this dog do? He is characterized as one of the best dogs on the planet and should be listed number one on the list of breeds as man’s best friend.