The Divine Purpose of the Paradigm Shift

An unexpected memory came to me when I woke up this morning. I remembered my mother telling me as a child: “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is to do or die.” I had no idea what he meant by this. In fact, I didn’t know what it meant when it occurred to me this morning. I found out that this famous saying was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson, a British poet who lived during the 19th century. I felt that this memory came to me for a reason, so I decided to contemplate it.

In less than an hour, I discovered that the relevance and meaning of this saying is at the heart of the rapidly advancing Global Transformation. Before I give my humble interpretation of Tennyson’s wise saying, I want to share something that should explain my feelings about why the “Paradigm Shift” has come to humanity. The following paragraphs discuss pet overpopulation. I am using this discussion as an analogy to explain my view of this unprecedented cosmic event.

Anyone who has been to my website knows that I am passionate about dogs, especially my own. About two months ago my wife and I went to animal control to get our dogs licensed. As we waited, we saw an abandoned dog being brought to the back for euthanization. My wife got upset and said, “How can someone do that?” She was referring to the person who sacrifices unloved animals. The woman who gave me dog tags replied, “We didn’t create the problem.”

I share the pain of my wife for this tragedy. I am the first person to speak out against animal abuse. However, I have to agree with the animal control employee. They are not responsible for this disturbing situation. The person injecting the needle is only doing what he is supposed to do. I know how painful it is to lose a family pet. I had to put down my thirteen year old German Shepherd about four years ago. It was the worst thing I had to do. I understand that many dog ​​lovers will refuse to accept what I am about to say.

There was a time when dogs lived in freedom. Centuries ago, dogs could fend for themselves. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but humans domesticated all canines. I read that the domestication of canines began around 33,000 years ago. The socialization of this sovereign species has accelerated in recent times. Yes, dogs are wonderful companions for humans. Dogs are like children to many owners. And our dogs love us too. No doubt about that. However, dogs are completely dependent on their owners for all their needs. There was a time when there were no professional dog trainers. There were no “dog whisperers” centuries ago. Now we walk the dogs on a leash and they have to ask us to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes I feel sorry that my dogs don’t remember the independence of their ancestors. Of course I love my dogs. I would never leave them. Yet we have done our canine friends an injustice by taking away their self-sufficiency. We have deflated the spirit of a magnificent species. Once again I refer to the epidemic of pet overpopulation. If what I am saying is false, then how did this unspeakable tragedy happen? This should never have happened.

If I were to abandon my Labrador and Jack Russell in the middle of any city, I’m sure they would die within weeks (I would never do that). They would not know how to protect themselves or find food. Dogs have lost the ability to survive. As a side note, I admire my Jack Russell for the defiant nature of him. Although I admit that he drives me crazy.

There are too many unwanted pets in this country. The only way to handle this problem is to let them. There are altruistic people who do everything they can to save pets from euthanasia. I applaud your efforts. However, the nonprofit agencies involved in rescuing our furry friends are few and far between and underfunded to resolve this dire situation.

Now I will focus on us. The citizens of the world have ceded their power to corrupt political leaders. There are always people willing to accept positions of power. Many will forcibly take it away from their people and become dictators. There is a wise saying: “The supreme power finally corrupts.” Corruption is absolute in all governments. The human ego is totally incapable of handling power. Humans misunderstand the nature of power. The human interpretation of what he perceives as power always manifests as a violent control over his fellow men.

At this point in history, it’s obvious that humans have chosen to cede their power to immoral politicians. The reason is that we want our leaders to take care of us. We no longer want to take responsibility for ourselves. This statement is true. We turn to our political leaders to solve all problems, however trivial. In America, people feel the need to let the government decide who can have children, who can get married, and even how much soda we can drink.

Our failing healthcare system is a reflection of our willingness to give up our power in exchange for care and protection. We put our precious health in the hands of doctors of human medicine to solve even the smallest health problems. The answer to our complaints almost always comes in pill form. This situation has resulted in the formation of a massive multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. We have become dependent on pharmaceutical companies for our healthcare needs. The most insidious pharmaceuticals are those that make psychiatric drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, and Risperdal. Interestingly, the failure of the pharmaceutical industry to deliver on its fantastic promise of pain relief led many to alternative medicine.

Our elected leaders are more than happy to “take care of” us. I would like to say that it is a silent and deceptive process. The truth is that the “free” people of the world have unwittingly allowed their governments to become unmanageable monstrosities. Thousands of irresponsible US citizens have transferred the role of parents to government workers. Every state has found it necessary to create a department of social services to address the appalling prevalence of child abuse and neglect in this country. The Department of Social Services is not intended to be a substitute for mature and loving caregivers.

We have allowed a monstrous, bureaucratic, and failed government to regulate every aspect of our lives. Eventually, the government will tell us when we can go to the bathroom. I can see that this is an ominous direction the world is heading.

This is a sad testimony to the condition of society in this so-called Enlightenment era. People have become too comfortable allowing the world’s governments to supply their needs. We expect our political leader to provide us with healthcare, retirement benefits, and many other social benefits. This policy worked for quite some time. The problem I see now is that most of us have lost the will to live. We have stopped growing as individuals and as a race.

The truth is simply that we made our bed, and now we must lie in it. I can tell you that the Paradigm Shift will cause great disruption in our lives as this celestial event takes its course. I believe this is necessary for a global transformation to occur. Out with the old and in with the new. The world cannot have what the transformation promises to bring us until the old paradigms are completely removed.

It is clearly obvious where the world economy is headed. Our most beloved institutions are sinking fast. Please understand that I am not making a prediction of things to come. I am not in the habit of making future predictions. I also don’t see the need to recount the top news headlines of the last five or six years to back up what I’m saying. What I am seeing in the world is what everyone on the planet should be seeing.

The Paradigm Shift is not about death and destruction. I think it symbolizes rebirth. It is an awakening in Mass Consciousness. It is a Divine Decree for Global Transformation. The people of the “free world” have become too comfortable in their routines. We have fallen into a deep sleep. The paradigm shift is meant to shake us out of our sleep. Unfortunately, an event of this magnitude is required to awaken people to the reality of their sorry condition.

In order for us to enter this new age of consciousness, we must be willing to let go of our limiting beliefs and embrace a new way of thinking. For most people, this simple task will be next to impossible. Humans have allowed their egos to run amok for thousands of years. Our reckless behavior has caused considerable damage to the sustainability of the planet. It has also hindered the spiritual growth of our collective consciousness.

To achieve this next phase of cosmic understanding will require humans to give up their desire to control their environment and dominate the life forms within it. Control is a misguided attempt to change others in an effort to make them conform to our own distorted beliefs. This behavior is no longer acceptable. These destructive beliefs have necessitated the Shift we are now experiencing.

I would ask that we look within ourselves and consider whether or not our beliefs are as valuable as our personal and worldly relationships. I feel that examining the relative importance of our beliefs is essential to understanding how they affect our attitude and behavior. Many of our most cherished beliefs are detrimental to the spiritual evolution of the human race. Letting go of our harmful belief systems allows others to be who and what they are. Are we willing to do that?