The Priority List for Buying Small Kitchen Appliances

In the process of assembling a kitchen, the shopping list is endless. Of course, a lot depends on the eating habits of the family, whether they prefer to go out to eat or cook at home for more nutritious, healthy and economical meals. The shopping list inevitably includes crockery, cutlery, saucepans and serving bowls, large kitchen appliances and gadgets such as the gas stove or hob, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. These are rated as essential. Next comes the range of small kitchen appliances that includes some essential appliances and many that fulfill specific functions and may not be used every day or every week. Budget constraints also make it necessary for us to buy some now and some later, as the list of expenses is too long. So how do you decide which little kitchen appliance to buy first?

Deciding on the most important small kitchen appliances

The task of deciding which appliances to buy first is not easy, especially when a visit to the stores that sell them shows aisle after aisle of different types of small kitchen appliances with multiple makes and models of each. With a clear picture of the budget allocated to purchase them, the following can be purchased step by step.

  1. Microwave oven – If after ordering all the large kitchen appliances, only one appliance must be purchased, then the microwave should be the first. This is because it makes life so much easier than all other household appliances. It can multitask and even replace other appliances. Not only does it cook, bake, steam, heat and defrost, but if you don’t have a blender, you can microwave your vegetable or fruit for a couple of minutes to soften, then mash it with a fork. You can make instant coffee or tea to replace the coffee maker and electric kettle, rice steamer to replace the rice cooker, etc.
  2. Blender – The second most important thing you need in the kitchen is a blender as this speeds up the speed of cooking by pureeing, blending, blending and even chopping – all essential pre-cook prep processes that take much longer time manually, but never again. one or two minutes in the blender.
  3. Coffee Maker – Most people don’t like instant coffee and if you enjoy your freshly roasted coffee, the next little kitchen appliance is definitely a coffee maker.
  4. Mini chopper or food processor- Of these, the choice will be determined by the size of the family, since food processors are larger and serve larger quantities, while a mini chopper is sufficient for a couple.
  5. Toaster Oven – This is a great little kitchen appliance as it bakes, roasts, roasts and toasts and because it’s small it heats up quickly and is fast on all functions.

Once all these small kitchen appliances have established a functional and efficient kitchen, the next in line could be all or some of the appliances you see on the market, such as rice cooker, kettle, hand mixer, can opener, kettle. egg, bread cutter, electric grill. and so.