The Truth About Guardian Angels Part II

Most of the world’s population believes in the concept of Guardian Angels in one form or another; everyone has at least one invisible spiritual helper who looks out for their best interests. You can get the most out of your guardian angels by following the tips below.

“Angels, as guardians of men, are above men as instructors and monitors. This shows the relationship that must exist between them. Man’s attitude must be one of obedience and subjection. He must follow the example of the angels, and therefore Therefore, a certain reverence is already implicit in the very relationship that exists between man and angel. ”


“It is well said that music is the speech of angels.”

Thomas carlyle

Why and where do guardian angels exist

Our long-term empirical findings involving meditation, reincarnation and life among life research show that guardian angels exist due to an interconnection between all life forms and the existence of other dimensions besides this earth plane. Benevolent life forms in those dimensions wish to help those embodied in bodily form. For those of the Light on the other side, we are all on the same team, so you are obligated to help where possible.

Guardian Angels and Red Flags Recommendations

Be on the lookout for the following trouble signs to avoid false guardian angles, including demonic entities and mischievous lost souls.

1. Disperse your energy, elevated stress, and poor diet leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies are some of the ways you can open up to non-Light guidance. Alternatively, a deep meditative state, effectively grounding and centering yourself much more easily aligns you with your guides of Light.

2. Any advice from an invisible entity that sounds biased or causes you to incur negative karma, such as lying, cheating or stealing, is probably advice from a false guardian angel of Light. There may be exceptions, such as cheating or stealing to save your life, in rare circumstances.

3. Are you apparently in constant communication with a guardian angel? Careful. That is a sign that it is a disembodied spirit that does not consider what is best for you. Authentic Guardian Angels are not constantly in your presence; they tend to show up when you need them most.

4. Avoid Ouija boards. Unless you really know what you are doing and spiritually protect yourself beforehand, these devices can easily attract rowdy spirits pretending to be guides of the Light.

5. If the guide appears only when you are drunk or under the influence of drugs, it is most likely not from the Light and instead is probably a disembodied spirit or worse, such as a demonic entity.

6. If the guide claims to be someone famous, such as Elvis or Cleopatra, they are probably not a guardian angel of Light because those of the Light on the other side lack ego self-gratification and have no desire to appear famous or celebrated. The saying that anonymous charity is the highest form of charity is appropriate for the guardian angels of the Light; They don’t care if you don’t know their history or if you don’t acknowledge their earthly accomplishments.

7. Always be sure to specify the guardian angles of the Light when asking for help. Avoid asking for help from those who are not of the Light because the maximum price to pay is to be hired from those dark entities once they cross over. Selling your soul to satisfy your earthly desires is never worth it.

“It was pride that turned angels into demons; it is humility that turns men into angels.” San Agustin

“It is through suffering that human beings become angels.” Victor hugo

The simplest way to receive regular divine guidance from your Light Guardian Angels is to ask. They are ready to help you when you need it.

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