Thrive in a bad economy

Has the media influenced your response to the current economy? Has utilization of the free service offering increased … often without billing for actual services rendered or providing services to patients at a discount?

Have you reduced overhead by cutting marketing expenses, cutting employees, or the number of hours they work? Maybe you even closed your practice! The masses are often morons. When you follow the herd, you could end up going off the cliff.

Don’t just do it

There are four strategic tactical methods that you can use to prosper in any economy.

1. Packaging

If you’re like most chiropractors, you overlook the importance of “packaging.” How your patients and the people in your market perceive your chiropractic brand will have a significant impact on how they see the value of your services.

Your “package” includes the location of your office, the parking lot, the type of building you are in, the condition of the landscape and the exterior of the building, your windows, your entrance, your reception area, your receptionists, the doctor , the staff, the equipment, the decor, the bathroom, the scent, the carpet and so on.

Its physical installation creates a “transfer of sensations,” which means that patients and Prospex, on a subconscious level, do not separate their practice from their care experience. Your office is an innate part of your adaptation skills.


The fee cut is a self-inflicted injury. How you determine your rates has nothing to do with your costs, what your insurance contract reimbursement schedule is, or the rate charged by your competitive colleague.

The perception of a $ 20 or $ 100 fee is ingrained in most people’s subconscious. The higher the rate, the better the quality and / or the results. The worst rate is free. When you offer free services or X-rays, you devalue your chiropractic brand, which is reflected in our PVA (average patient visits).

Specify your services and you can easily get a higher rate. Provide the right material for your patients and Prospex and you can increase the perception of the value of your chiropractic brand.


When looking for a chiropractor, why should a Prospex select your brand of chiropractic?

Most ads will offer the same thing: affordable rates. Quality care. Best service. This style of marketing produces random and generally unacceptable results.

Shift your marketing to a specific condition and deliver content that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise and your rate will be less challenged.


A consumer research report revealed that 93% of your patients or Prospex will not believe your marketing message unless you provide credible evidence to support your claims.

Your resume, published articles, books written, and the amount of time in practice can be powerful evidence of your experience.

Conclusion n. # 1: start with your packaging. Do you need a makeover to align your office with your expertise?

Conclusion n. # 2: Use low-cost information resources to add perceived value to your rate program. Develop a program of care that makes it impossible for the Patient or Prospex to compare your fee schedule with that of your competitive peers.

Conclusion n. 3: With any claim you make, take additional steps to support your claim.

Conclusion # 4: The proof is in the pudding … use testimonials and endorsements to reduce apprehension. Determine the questions a Prospex or patient can ask themselves by reading your marketing communications and then provide the answer in advance … before they think about it.

Maximum its practice in any economy.