Top 10 Reasons to Move to Lake Mary Florida

The city of Lake Mary is the jewel of Seminole County. Keeping your small town

feel as you embrace progressive growth, Lake Mary, Fl., is known for its warm

property listings, incredible value increases and a strong sense of community.

For those considering relocation to Florida, the City of Lake Mary is one of the

those that should not be overlooked. Offering a lot of reasons for people

of all ages to call home, Lake Mary, Fl. has an appeal few cities can


Here are the top 10 reasons anyone considering relocation to Florida should include this Florida city in their search:

10.) Rent. Always touted by real estate professionals, this reason alone makes Lake Mary FL worth a serious look. 40 minutes from some of the best beaches in the state and 15 minutes from downtown Orlando. Plus, close enough to drive to places like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, St. Augustine and more, those who live in this city are in the center of it all.

9.) Large public schools. Seminole County, of which Lake Mary FL is part, it was recognized by Money Magazine as one of its 100 best school districts. Anyone giving relocation advice should mention this as a major factor in their reasons for choosing this community.

8.) Outdoor activities. Enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, Lake Mary FL it is home to several golf courses, parks, and more.

7.) Culture. Tea Lake Mary FL The area is home to several museums, theaters, and even a zoo. And of course, just a short drive from all of Central Florida’s offerings.

6.) Dining room. With more than 50 restaurants in the general area, those who like to eat out won’t find themselves in a shortage of places to go. From fresh catch to ethnic restaurants, the area has it all.

5.) City government. Since Lake Mary FL it is incorporated, it is served by its own local government and services where residents have a voice in what happens.

4.) Low population. Although Seminole County is considered the tenth largest in the state by population, Lake Mary enjoys a modest 13,900 residents who ensure that residents enjoy a small-town atmosphere. The population during the day increases to over 30,000, but when the sun goes down, the community changes in size to a welcoming number.

3.) Main employers. The entire area is home to some high-impact employers, including manufacturing, real estate, services, and more.

2.) Several neighborhoods. Lake Mary FL offers a variety of residential areas for new residents to call home. From luxury masterplanned communities to middle-class neighborhoods, Lake Mary has homes for just about everyone. With this in mind, it also has a lively business district and other support services to ensure residents have everything they need at home.

1.) Financial stability. The wisest advice from those who give relocation advice will likely fall in the financial realm. This is where Lake Mary really shines. Property values ​​in this community have seen some very impressive increases in recent history and are showing no signs of slowing down. The median home price is $ 207,000, and the city itself has seen property values ​​rise 109 percent over the past five years. This growth and stability along with all its other natural attractions make Lake Mary FL a great option to live.

Mild climate, location and many things to do for Lake Mary, Florida a great option for a relocation. Great schools, a strong employment base, and a strong housing market only add the icing on the cake. A small town located in the heart of a great area, Lake Mary FL is a place for sunny living.

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