Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4WD Automatic


The prominent automaker Toyota has been quite busy with the SUV segment as it could do a good deal in this segment. Despite its vigorous business in this segment, the Fortuner stood idly by when other models such as the Rexton, CR-V, Yeti and Santa Fe sold like hotcakes in the market. The company did nothing to improve the sale of its SUV to stay in the race. Lately, the company has finally given its top-end 3.0-liter 4WD variant an automatic gearbox so car lovers can finally have a capable Fortuner without having to change gears while driving. Is it enough to keep the great Toyota relevant in a sea of ​​modern competition? We have to wait and see.

Look and feel

When the company decided to renovate the structure, Fortuner received some minor visual adjustments to make its exterior appearance look better. The changes implemented include lightly smoked headlights and taillights and the addition of chrome bezels on the fog lamps. It also has new 12-prong dark gray alloy wheels to add to its external appeal. In addition, the revamped model also comes in an all-new Mica Gray color.

Interior design

The interiors of the revamped model now come in all black themes with some wood stain on the dash and door pads. The appearance is simple and quite muted. However, Toyota makes up for it by making sure there are plenty of customer conveniences. There is a lot of space in the middle row. The only downside is that customers would have to fold down the third row seats to reach the massive storage area at the rear of the vehicle.

Vehicle Specifications

The new vehicle has cruise control and automatic xenon headlights with grommets for driving in dark and rainy conditions. It also comes with a reversing camera, power-adjustable driver’s seat, and a new dashboard touchscreen. The much-talked-about dash houses an infotainment navigation unit that features voice control. This function takes a while to respond to the settings made. The facilities inside the SUV are connected via AUX, USB and Bluetooth options. Under the hood, the revamped vehicle comes with a 3.0-liter engine that can produce a power of 171 hp and a torque of 343 Nm. Although the engine is smooth and powerful, it is still quite loud inside the cabin. With this engine specification, it can reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 12 seconds. It also comes with a 5 speed torque converter which is similar to the one found on the 4×2 variant.