Trending craft ideas with papier-mâché, air-dry clay, colored sand, and crotch


Crochet has been around for years, but it’s becoming more and more popular again. Crocheting is no longer the domain of hats, scarves and blankets! Just one of the trends is miniature crochet. The most popular miniature crochet items are little flowers and hearts that can be made and then added as a decoration to a bag or hat, for example. Other trendy items include cute little animals and cushion covers. Many creative craft experts don’t stop there! They’ve managed to include the crotch in items like jewelry and pot covers.


Pineapples are back in style, but they’re a little different from the plastic ice buckets of the ’60s! Today, they are more likely to be made of papier-mâché or clay and used as decoration. There are many good websites that give instructions on how to make a pineapple. Kids may also prefer a pineapple structure as it is home to a little sponge that lives under the sea!

Mini animals and food from clay

Once again the subject of the miniature is in evidence, but this time the medium used is air-dry clay. Air dry clay is highly versatile as it can be shaped, stamped and rolled and dries naturally without the need for a kiln. Small clay-shaped animals that can be painted and then attached to necklaces, earrings or key chains. These can be seen on many of the most visited craft sites. The small clay food items can be used to decorate bowls or as dollhouse accessories and are wonderfully realistic. A steady hand or a well-shaped cutting tool is all it takes to get the shape of the object you want.

A good centerpiece can really make a difference to your table setting. So what’s hot right now? Using colored sand for the centerpiece is a good, cost-effective and imaginative way to create your own theme. The sand can be layered in one or a variety of colors in a glass or crystal container and then add whatever you like to sit on top. Small plants, candles and shells look beautiful against coordinating sand tones or customize to suit your event – ​​a small football helmet for a Super Bowl party, for example, would look fantastic.

DIY Wedding Crafts

For the more creative bride, making some of the table decorations or favors herself or with her bridesmaids adds real uniqueness to the special day. Clay hearts and birds that can be placed or hung are universally admired and can even be inscribed with a personal message. These have even been used for table decorations: hanging from a wooden tree-like structure as a centerpiece.


Easter eggs and bunnies epitomize the occasion for children, but with a little imagination you can avoid shopping at the store and create something special. Papier-mâché, crotch, clay and colored sand can be used to create the shapes of the subject, but giving different textures and finishes depending on the use. How about creating a papier-mâché bunny carrying a crocheted basket full of chocolate eggs? The only limit is your imagination. A simple centerpiece could use sand in a bowl, as described in centerpieces, with the addition of brightly colored papier-mâché eggs, chicks, or eggs, or it could go fabulous and create a huge clay masterpiece. jeweled air dry.

Since many craft materials are inexpensive and easy to use, it can be exciting to be creative and stay on trend. Give it a try and see which one appeals to you the most and don’t forget to have fun!