Trump’s immigration ban will potentially affect the US economy.

After immediately taking office, newly elected President Trump announced his plans for an immigration ban. Like most actions, there is a reaction. Banning immigration could potentially harm the United States and globalization. The new ban involved blocking travelers from entering the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries, known as Yemen, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Somalia. What many do not realize is the impact it will have on US corporations and global business to ban these people from entering the US Trump’s travel ban will affect the US economy, affect its relationship with other countries. and it will reduce the innovation needed.

The US economy is likely to plummet if the immigration ban goes as planned. Many US corporations will be affected by the immigration ban. Countries like Syria, which are banned and produce oil, can consequently stop trade with the United States, resulting in a major impact on our economy. Foreign business partners of the United States affected by the ban and other countries could retaliate. Those countries could decide at any time to stop all trade with the United States.

In addition to trade, the US economy will suffer financially. According to ADS Securities’ Remo Fritshci, US stocks will be affected by the travel ban. He said: “Radical bans on admission to the country by various nations risk undermining the globalization agenda that has helped drive valuations in a range of US-listed stocks. Citizens could also hamper trading initiatives. exterior “(Wasik). This shows that stocks, which are one of the main driving forces in the economy, will be affected, which will also affect globalization. Like US stocks, the tech industry will also take a hit.

Numerous corporate executives have spoken about the effect the ban will have on the fate of their multinational companies. CEOs of big tech corporations are taking a tough stance against Trump’s immigration ban. Among them is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The CEO sent a statement to all Amazon employees condemning the ban. Bezos informed his employees that Amazon will support them (Rubén). Other top executives who released public statements against the ban include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Thibodeau). As the executives mentioned, a good part of its employees come from foreign countries and bring their ideas to the United States with them. Trump’s treatment of immigrants also goes against the values ​​and policies of these companies. Banning immigrants from the six nations would be a disservice to the country.

Foreigners are a part of the employees of American corporations. These employees include all positions held in the company, be it entry level or all the way to the top. Each of those employees is contributing enormously to the United States economy, each in their own individual way. International students come to this country in search of a great education, that way they can bring their ideas to business in the United States. Some of these employees are the driving forces behind innovation.

By barring the entry of citizens of those six countries, the United States will inadvertently slow down innovation. American corporations will suffer because blocking certain individuals can prevent the entry of brilliant minds that continue to put American corporations in the lead. Globalization includes the mixing of various ideas from around the world. The ban will prevent those ideas from reaching the United States.

People all over the world think about establishing a future in the USA and living their American Dream. Many immigrants in this country have started their own businesses. If they were still in their own country, they might not have that opportunity. His businesses and ideas have contributed to the success of the American economy. Excluding these individuals is a contradiction to American values.

Trump’s immigration ban needs to be reviewed before the situation worsens. America’s economy, business, and innovation are at stake with this proposition. Only time will tell how soon this ban will affect the nation and its future.