Types of baker racks

There are several general types of baker’s racks:

The Oak Bakers Shelf – Wood top bakers shelves, usually using oak, provide a very traditional design and make a beautiful piece of furniture. It is not designed to be used as a true baker’s rack, that is, to cool items on it. Oak Bakers racks are typically used for more counter type activities due to how easy they are to clean, however do not cut or use items that will scratch or scratch the surface.

Wrought Iron Bakers Racks – This is arguably the most popular form of bakers rack. Wrought iron bakers racks are versatile yet traditional. It allows its use as a traditional rack, where the racks are incorporated, making it ideal for cooling bakery products if desired. Often these are used as bookcases, but due to the large shelf spaces, it is difficult to use as knick-knack racks. Many who have this type of shelf will put some type of item on it so it works best if they choose to use it for smaller items. These shelves usually appear in the kitchen or in the entrance halls.

Bakers Rack – If you are looking for a bakers rack to add to your home and also provide the necessary storage, a sideboard top back rack gives you a place to store your Sunday plates, glasses or mugs. It’s a way to expand your cabinets and create more storage space. You often see these types of grills in a dining room, where they are usually larger than kitchen ones, all made of wrought iron. This is a perfect way to organize and add style to your home.

wooden bakers racks

Bakers wood shelves are often styled after their old predecessor. They typically come in a cocktail shaker type design and have an old country kitchen style. Most are finished in black or white in vintage farmhouse styles.

Bakers Rack With Wine Rack Combinations: As wine racks have grown in popularity, so have these bakers racks with the included wine rack. Many not only have storage for wine bottles, but often come with glass shelves to store stemware. Many of these shelves can also double as a decorative bar unit and come with a marble top for easy cleaning and use.