Video Doorbells – Now you know who is there

Say goodbye to knock knock jokes because you don’t have to ask “Who’s there?” not anymore. From our tech blog, we bring you the game changer of home appliances and that is the “Video Door Bell”. These doorbells have changed the face of home security. Now, you are safer than ever with these wifi based bells. These video door phones offer some useful features. • You can view your door feed anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone or computer. • These doorbells offer high-definition video so you can easily see and take snapshots of the person at your door from anywhere in the world. • Some can even recognize faces and announce the person at the door. • These doorbells offer two-way communication from your phone and can be easily connected to other appliances such as locks, sirens, and lights. • You don’t even have to worry about storage, because all your footage is stored in the cloud for viewing at any time. • Doorbells like RingTM Video Doorbell, SkyBell, Zmodo Greet and others even offer night vision so you can easily identify anyone in the dark, too. The following are the best ringtones that are being loved by experts and users. – Nest Hello Video Doorbell The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is known for its crystal clear, high-definition video transmission. He recognizes the person at the door and announces the name to you. Mostly free, it has some useful features that you can buy for just $5 a month. – Ring Video Doorbell With a video resolution of 1080 pixels, it allows you to customize movement alerts in a very practical way. You can even share videos with your neighbors so they can keep an eye out too. – August Video Doorbell The August video doorbell offers a handy little HindSense feature, which means it can record a few seconds of video before motion is detected. It does not have a high quality image like some others, but the image is still quite clear and the best part is that it can illuminate the person standing at the door at night to brighten their face. There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing these doorbells, you need to be aware of the power requirements of the doorbell and your home, the location of the doorbell, video resolution, night mode, and the design that goes with your door. .