Vinyl Siding: The Clear Choice

In the United States and Canada, more and more homes are using vinyl siding as an exterior siding option. The reasons are obvious: it is versatile, durable and easy to maintain. It is available in many colors, trims, and patterns, so any homeowner, regardless of taste, can benefit from it. If you’re looking at your siding options, consider vinyl.

Without the proper outward appearance, even the most beautifully designed architecture can fail. With vinyl siding, your home will not only look beautiful, but you’ll have the confidence that the material you’ve chosen will last a lifetime. It’s permanent, durable, and great value for money: Vinyl can cost a quarter as much as materials like fiber cement and stucco. And compared to stone and brick, you could save up to 1000% by going with vinyl! It looks great, works great, and won’t eat up all your money. What’s not to like about vinyl?

Vinyl siding is also one of the most environmentally sustainable siding options available. In a world where environmental awareness is increasing, it’s important that your home is LEED and National Green Building Standard certified. Vinyl can be certified to be environmentally friendly, plus it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills, due to its low CO2 emissions and insulating capabilities. It scores highly in all areas of environmental measures, including installation, manufacturing, transportation, and service.

Cleaning and maintaining your siding is incredibly simple and easy. Vinyl is easy to clean and care for, making it ideal not only for money and looks, but also for time. It’s as easy as scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush, or even a power washer on light settings. Mold and mildew don’t need any special treatment either – vinyl will hold up to common household bleaches and mildew removers, ensuring that no matter how you clean your home, it will always look pristine and pristine.

The clear choice for anyone looking to clad the exterior of their home is vinyl siding. It is efficient, sustainable, durable, economical and attractive. What more could you want?