Ways to gently break someone’s heart

People always assume that breakups are not a big problem for whoever started the end of the relationship. This is why most love advice is for those who were abandoned rather than the tipper.

What people don’t realize is that being the one to end the relationship isn’t easy either.

In fact, it is difficult and drains energy. Then there is the delicate matter of ending the relationship as easily as possible because you don’t want to hurt your partner.

Here are some tips to gently break up with your partner:

1. As honest as you can, explain to your partner the reason behind the breakup. Be brief and concise. Try not to sound brutal, even if there is a fight between the two of you. Don’t make it a game of pointing fingers at each other to avoid any bitterness.

2. With the above point in mind, even if you are being honest, remember to be nice. Although it is inevitable that you will end sooner or later, let him know that you care about your partner. However, remind him of the reason why the relationship will not work out in the future.

3. Do a disappearing act when the relationship is over. Severe all kinds of connection with your partner. Also remember not to go to places where he or she regularly frequents. You need them to have their space so that they can accept the breakup.

4. After the breakup, you may feel like you want to call them, whether it’s when you’re happy or sad, or just have news to share. This is probably a habit that you developed while you were still together.

Of course you want to stay friends with them, but don’t do it so quickly after the breakup; they need their space to think things through. Therefore, it is very important that you cease all contact.