What does it mean if you missed the bar?

So he logged in on Friday night, hoping to see his name, but his name was “not found” instead. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Not even close. Every year, many talented, smart, and hardworking graduates fail the bar exam. Even people at the top of their class consistently fail. We know it’s not where you want to be and we know it can hurt.

But you should know that it is okay. People are not going to think that you are not capable or good enough. The important thing is how you respond afterwards. After all, it is not falling into the mud that matters, but how we get up that is the true measure of who we are.

The great Thomas Edison was asked how he managed to invent the light bulb. He replied that his success came after more than 1,000 failures. So, lucky you, you have a lot more failures before you can even come close to a failure like Thomas Edison.

So don’t take it personally. People still love you. Let’s take a look at some of the elite companies he’s joining now:

Who else did not pass? The following is a list of other people who also did not pass the bar exam:

Jerry Brown – newly elected governor of California

Hillary Clinton – Senator from New York and current Secretary of State

John F. Kennedy Jr. – Son of US President JFK

Kathleen Sullivan – Former Dean of Stanford Law School

Pete Wilson – former governor of California (failed 3 times)

Antonio R. Villaraigosa – Mayor of Los Angeles (failed 4 times, hasn’t passed yet)

For all California candidates, about half of their colleagues from the July bar exam and about 70% of their colleagues from the February bar exam also failed.

So good news for you, you are not the only one! Even better, you can be very successful and happy in life even if you haven’t passed. And to everyone who wishes to run for public office, congratulations! It looks like you just took the first step!

How can I do better next time?

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“Like the eye of a hurricane, he stayed calm and ready while everything else around him was in disarray.”