What is a galley kitchen?

Galley kitchens consist of two parallel work tables and work areas, with a narrow hallway in between. The corridor must be at least 1500mm – 2000mm wide. The space can be enclosed at one end where you might have a window or a wall. Here you would maximize every free inch of wall space to put in wall cabinets or a butler’s pantry or sink. Or the galley kitchen can be opened at both ends. This is called a two-way galley kitchen. This design means that the kitchen becomes very compact and there must be enough room to move between the two kitchens. Especially if you have two people working in the kitchen at the same time! Make sure cabinets and oven door can be opened easily.

This style of kitchen offers the most efficient use of space with cabinets on both sides. Very popular in apartments, this design is also probably the best for ergonomics. Use it if you are faced with a ‘slim’ kitchen space. You can get smaller than standard size appliances such as the dishwasher, oven and stove and refrigerator so they can all fit comfortably in this design. Design a smart storage system as always, in a small kitchen. While you’re in the planning stage, place your cutlery drawers and dish racks at the open end of the kitchen, so someone can set the table without having to enter the kitchen and disturb the cook.

Similarly, place all utensils used for cooking near the oven and stove to minimize walking distance. Everything should be at your fingertips in this kitchen design. If you have enough space, use one side of the kitchen as a countertop for a breakfast bar with stools or high chairs on the other side, or put your sink or stove on it.

Your small kitchen remodel will offer you many possibilities to maximize a small space. It can look impressive and it is very functional!