Why do we lose muscle mass as we age?

On average, when we reach our 60s, we lose about 30 percent of our muscle mass. These are the things that most people take for granted due to age. The first thought is correct, no one can stop aging, yet we can change most of the age-related problems that accompany it. Losing muscle mass is no different than other things that accompany aging.

Reasons to lose muscles!

There are several reasons for the health problems that accompany aging, and the loss of muscle mass is not the only one. Yes, our body slows down with age, for some earlier than for others. Retirement means less activity, longer nights, and shorter days. Some of our habits change and so does our lifestyle. That means there are things that we no longer have to do, at least not every day. These are things that our body is reacting to and they bring changes and problems. In retirement, for most people, one of the greatest pleasures in life is doing as little or as little as possible and the body will react to this. This is one way to lose muscle and gain weight, there are many others such as diet, nutrition, exercise, activities, etc.

Diet is the first thing to question, does it lack some of the things the body needs to build muscle? Minerals, which is the most common in our body, can bypass minerals without noticing anything for some time. Vitamins and proteins, we know that proteins build muscle. But, wait a minute, don’t rush to the store for a protein shake or spirulina supplement that has no value as a protein source.

Not just diet

Where does protein come from? It is not just diet or exercise, although it is an important part of it. At an older age, the body makes less or it is more difficult for the body to make protein. By not having enough protein, we lose muscle mass which could mean that the hair becomes brittle, the immune system becomes sluggish, the bones become weaker and more brittle subject to fractures and breaks, as well as sagging skin. That’s not all, a lack of protein can lead to anxiety, depression, the sex drive suffers, these are just the most important things that can happen. Yes, diet, as in many health issues, has a lot to do with it. We assume that all protein comes from the diet and what we eat, but that is not the only source of protein.

Proteins produced by the body with the help of a proper diet, so that the body can produce amino acids from which proteins come. The other problem with age is absorption or lack of it. It is not always the case that the proteins produced by the body from the diet are used to build muscle. Due to the lack of absorption, proteins can be converted to excess glucose and not used only for the muscles. The same can apply to any supplement you take; absorption may be only a small percentage, and most have no benefit. Unless a combination of things you take together is correct, the body is lost.

For example, the highest source of protein in the diet is whole eggs, do not remove the yolk as some try to tell you, be sure to use whole eggs. Eggs have an AAU (amino acid utilization) of 47 percent. Besides fish, meat, and poultry, they all have an AAU content of about 32 percent. In order for the body to function at its best and to produce enough protein to build muscle, digestive enzymes must also function properly. If the digestive system is working properly, the amino acids will go directly into the bloodstream. This becomes the building block for hormones, enzymes, connecting tissues, bones, and muscles. That is why digestive function is so important for absorption, as well as the correct combination of the things we take in. Otherwise, all the things you’ve had, including the right food, instead of making protein, the extra amino acids are turned into sugar, which is not the result you want.

Supplementation is essential.

With age also comes the rejection of absorption, which is also a problem for the digestive system. This happens when certain minerals and vitamins are not available in a normal diet. A multi-natural supplement must have all the ingredients to maintain a normal function of the immune system, protect the body from oxidative damage, help the body produce folic acid that helps in normal blood formation and cell division.

A supplement designed to contain fat-soluble elements, maximizing the bioavailability of these nutrients for absorption. It must have a proprietary combination of vitamin E, B and omega – 3 (EPA and DHA) derived only from natural sources, not synthetic. Nitric oxide: The molecule of life, nitrous oxide is a gas with the chemical formula NO: A nitrogen molecule binds to an oxygen molecule. Nitrogen oxide is something new, not many are aware of this special discovery from the mid-nineties. It is a natural medicine for your heart, blood vessels and in general for cardiovascular health and more.

These are the main ingredients to take: Tomorrow; A delicious mix of super fruit juice (30 ml bag). Noon; Nitric oxide drops. Night; Omega-3 capsules, to help build muscle. This will also improve absorption, as well as the best possible benefits you can get from the right supplement. No other has created better than this.