Xbox 360 video games to look forward to in 2010

2009 turned out to be a great year for video games, with the release of a ton of incredible games. Towards the end of the year, with the release of Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed 2, etc. – I was in time trouble to do anything but play. And that’s without even considering my addiction to Street Fighter 4.

So since 2010 is upon us, we’ll have to leave Modern Warfare and check out some of the upcoming games. The first big release is Mass Effect 2. To be honest, it’s hard for me to get too excited about this game. The other one was too clumsy for me to finish (I was over about 60%). Also, I never really connected with the characters, despite the cool sci-fi setting. However, first impressions are piling up to show that they made big improvements. I guess the reviewers will call this a must buy, and I’m sure I’ll pick it up.

Next up is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This game would have a much bigger profile if it weren’t for Modern Warfare, but hey. From the gameplay footage, it looks like it has a different playstyle than MW2, with very large multiplayer maps that move the fight to different territories (it will change from rural to urban in the same scenario). I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

I have to mention Army of Two: Day 40. First impressions are positive, although I don’t like how the game feels playing the demo. Sorry, I’ve never been a fan of Army of Two. I’m a Splinter Cell fan though, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Splinter Cell Conviction. It looks great – they really went back to the drawing board after the latest version flopped. They are introducing some new gameplay mechanics, which is difficult to do in this age, where we have seen everything under the sun.

Finally, it was recently discovered that Microsoft’s Project Natal is scheduled for release in 2010. I’m incredibly happy about this – the promotional images of the product look amazing. I think this will be a game changer and fully solidify Microsoft’s dominance in the gaming arena. Of course, there is a chance that it will fail, but I sincerely hope that consumers will give it a try. Microsoft will risk a lot (rumored to sell cheap to achieve a great install base), and I hope it pays off for them (and us!).