Your ideal weight

Here’s a question: how much do you want to weigh for the rest of your life? Now, I am normally a bit cynical about weight change programs, as I prefer to measure myself by the way my clothes fit, but my wife is an advocate for weight-based programs, and this is, by far the most exciting I have. I have found myself.

Let me share with you some guidelines for choosing your ideal weight and a weight change program created by Dr. Laurence Morehouse, an exercise physiologist whose credentials include being asked by the Encyclopedia Britannica to write your entries on exercise and fitness, plus from being the man who developed the machinery, diet, and exercise programs used by astronauts both on earth and to maintain muscle tone and fitness in space.

1. Choose a weight that you know you can reach.

2. Choose a weight that you think you can hold fairly comfortably.

3. Choose a weight where you are fairly thin, not thin.

Now here is your daily schedule. You will need a pen, graph paper, and a set of scales. The goal of this program is to help you lose or gain no more than one pound per week. This rhythm will help ensure that your body does not get out of control. If you want to gain or lose fifteen pounds, the program should last fifteen weeks! :

1. Don’t start your program until Friday. For the next few days, eat whatever you want!

(This “builds up” your metabolism and will actually make it easier and less disruptive to change your diet later.)

2. On Friday, weigh yourself, in the morning, naked! This will be your starting weight.

3. Write this number in the upper left corner of your paper. Count seven lines across and two lines up or down (depending on whether you want your weight to go up or down!), And write the next number. Keep going until you reach your ideal weight (you may need more paper :-)!

Example: if you started with 150, your next number would be 151 or 149.

4. Number the days at the bottom, starting with the number one. One vertical line = one day.

5. Draw a line connecting the numbers. This is your ideal weight change chart.

6. Every day, weigh yourself in the morning, naked. Graph your weight on the table.

7. If your weight is above the line, take it easy with the cheese sauce today. Say no to that dessert. Spend an additional 5 minutes (not 15!) On your exercise bike. If it’s below the line, eat!

8. Enjoy! Remember, your schedule will vary from day to day.

(For more information, see the book “Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week” by Laurence E. Morehouse, PhD and Leonard Gross.)