2006 Honda Civic Si

Recently, I spent a lot of time with the new Honda Civics. I wasn’t supposed to be harassed by salespeople, but this lady was bugging us, so I asked her if they had a Yes. She asked what was that. But she went on to tell me that the emblem on the front of the car was an H and she was pretty sure it was a Honda. I was like, is this a joke? I’m at the Memphis International Auto Show and this lady thinks an H emblem on the front of the car is a Honda. Go bother someone else. This was his second week selling cars. Blessed be his heart, he is going to starve.

This did not prevent me from getting to know the redesigned civic. It has a really clean and functional two-level gauge system. The speedometer is just below your line of sight on the dash. You don’t even have to look down to see how fast it’s going. The seats are comfortable and everything is within easy reach. Ergonomics have been improved and style matches. You would never know that you are in a good functional car, but everything fits perfectly.

They had a two-door coupe at the show, but not the Si version. I’d like to drive the Si with its 197 HP engine, limited slip differential, 6-speed manual transmission, and 350-watt stereo system. The coupe and sedan I sat in and perused are a solid benchmark for the Honda family. I used to have a civic, although underpowered, it was an extraordinary car.

New innovations with the civic include a Hybrid Drive. Unfortunately, they use the weak 110 HP gasoline engine in conjunction with the electric motor to balance power. When we see a Si coupe with its towering 197 HP motor coupled with, say, a 140 HP hybrid electric motor that helps power the car /

All in all, the redesigned Civic once again boasts of a good car for the masses where reliability remains a benchmark. Drawbacks You will never meet the guys from the Honda Service Department.