2009 Road to the Super Bowl

After nine weeks, the NFL is shaping up with some very interesting matchups to come. At this point, there seems to be about ten teams with a decent chance of making it to the Big Game. Over the next four weeks, figure in tough schedules, key injuries and a bit of luck, and the field should narrow down to the top four candidates. At this point, the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans look awfully GOOD. That being said, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins could all dispute the issue vigorously.

The time factor gives the Washington Redskins a favorable advantage, however, Pittsburgh, Tennessee and Green Bay also have schedules that could work in their favor. The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have a slightly tougher ride.

Also, keeping it interesting over the next four weeks is the emergence of three or four teams that are getting better — I mean, look at Baltimore, New York and Arizona.

Next, the injury bug and Lady Luck will also play their role. Stay tuned for updates on Big Ben.

As of this early date, Tennessee is 8-0, NY Giants 7-1, Carolina 6-2, Washington 6-2, Pittsburgh 5-2, NY Jets 5-3, New England 5-3, Chicago 5 -3, Philadelphia 5-3, Green Bay 4-4 and also, still holding on, Tampa Bay 6-3, Chicago 5-3, Baltimore 5-3 and Arizona 5-3. Give it three or four weeks and it will look a little clearer.

What do current win streaks look like? Tennessee 8, NY Giants 3, Philadelphia 3, Baltimore 3, Washington 2, Chicago 2, NY Jets 2. Just keep in mind that some teams have had easier schedules thus far, but it will even out a bit more in the end.

Keep an eye out for key matches. Week 10 Tennessee @ Chicago and NY Jets @ Philadelphia. Week 11 NY Giants @ New England, Chicago @ Green Bay, Baltimore @ NY Giants Week 12 NY Jets @ Tennessee, Philadelphia @ Baltimore, NY Gs @ Arizona, Week 13 Arizona @ Philadelphia, Carolina @ GB, NY Giants @ Washington, Pittsburg @ New England Week 14 Philadelphia @ NY Giants, Washington @ Baltimore, Tampa Bay @ Carolina Week 15 Pittsburg @ Baltimore, Week 16 Pittsburg @ Tennessee, Philadelphia @ Washington, Arizona @ New England, Carolina 2 NY Giants, Green Bay @ Chicago, and Week 17 Tennessee @ Indianapolis and Chicago @ Pittsburgh. There you have it, keep in mind that once playoff star is a whole new ball game.

May all your sports dreams come true.