2012 Ford Ecosport Vs Ford Kuga

Ford introduces the new Ecosport as its first global compact SUV in Brazil and then in Asian markets. Recently, Ford of Europe did the same designed for the global market, but announced that it was its first Kuga compact sport utility vehicle. Both the Ford Ecosport and Kuga offer passenger car-like comfort and SUV versatility that deliver superior fuel efficiency, class-leading safety, and cutting-edge technologies.

Ford of Europe announced that its “experts identified the varied and often conflicting tastes around the world to create an intercontinental call for the company’s first global compact SUV.” This applies to both Ford models, but the Kuga leans more towards comfort and technology in most mature countries compared to the Ecosport version, which is a much simpler and cheaper SUV. Therefore, the EcoSport is intended for emerging markets and is unlikely in mature markets such as Europe, North America and Asian countries where the Kuga will be sold.

The cheaper Ecosport is more welcome in Brazil in view of the high taxes that slow down the sale of luxury SUVs. Kuga is hit hard as consumers are more likely to seek fuel-efficient small SUVs. However, in China, Kuga is selling as well as Ecosport due to lower taxes. In fact, Kuga attracted more attention than Ecosport and apparently sold more when the two compact SUVs were displayed side by side at the Beijing Motor Show during the show.

To create a more economical and profitable SUV to make in Brazil, Ford designed the EcoSport B on a platform, a compact hatchback with a spare tire from the outside. This could save space with this approach, but at the same time it also challenges most SUV manufacturers as most of them no longer carry the spare tire from the outside.

As for the Kuga with more space than the Ecosport, it comes with more technology. Features include the Ecoboost engine that is more powerful and efficient. For Ecosport it has its minor benefit, such as the lid of the electric trunk lock, thrown into a hidden slit in the right rear light. But for a more advanced technology designed for the Kuga, it has an automatic lid opening system, activated by the movement of the foot under the rear bumper. That shows the differences between development and underdevelopment.

However, the left panel of the interior of the Kuga looks like Ecosport, following the visual identity of the Ford world, known as kinetic design. Ford designed the EcoSport and Kuga, as well as other models, with customers in mind, in addition to fuel efficiency, world-class safety, powerful performance, and practical versatility.

With different SUVs flooding the market each year with more advanced technology, what do you prefer for an SUV, luxury or affordable?