3 surprising ways artificial intelligence can push marketing and advertising to the next level

Artificial intelligence is going to change everything we do in advertising and marketing, but not in the way we think. The truth is, if used correctly, RPA software and intelligent machine learning can give businesses and agencies the power to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. The type of campaigns that move the customer on an emotional level.

After all, that’s the key to a loyal customer base. People who come back again and again because they instinctively know that a company understands them. Steve Jobs saw this after a calligraphy class inspired his design for the iconic mac fonts. Creativity and smart automation seem like very distant concepts from each other, but in fact, they are intrinsically connected.

We are currently drowning in a sea of ​​data. This data contains valuable information about consumer preferences, likes and dislikes. The key to creating something that consumers really want. Even giants, such as holding companies, spend a great deal of resources doing calculations.

Combining AI with creativity can open up a whole new field of marketing and advertising. There are three ways this can take shape, and they are all interconnected.

Targeted Experiences – When you add AI to the marketing mix, a whole new category opens up in the funnel. This means curated experiences for every different type of customer on the market. Capturing Millenials and Baby Boomers with the same campaign, using powerful messages that appeal to each group. This is not tomorrow’s thing. Many agencies are already implementing artificial intelligence technologies to their advantage and producing creatives that work across the board. According to Entrepreneur, artificial intelligence will help companies target customers more precisely and put budget dollars where they belong.

Tighter Budgets: Speaking of dollars, the analytical power of artificial intelligence software will help solve one of the oldest problems in advertising. Funding campaigns that generate ROI and help companies take calculated risks that pay off. Marketing and creativity want higher budgets and companies want to cut costs. There is no “right” or “wrong” match here. A lot of advertising is trial and error, but that means money wasted. However, when companies and agencies use intelligent machine learning software to analyze customer data, a lot of the guesswork goes out the window. This creates a positive feedback loop, where money can flow to projects that need it and lead to richer marketing experiences.

A marriage of creativity and data: Any marketing manager worth his salt knows that the best creativity is possible thanks to data and analytics. Machine learning algorithms are strengthening this symbiotic loop. They perform elaborate functions without slowing down the customer experience. This enables creative teams to get quick feedback, giving companies time to shift their focus and become agile. Rather than waiting for analysis to determine if a campaign is resonating, with MLAs, companies can get results in near real time.

Don Draper would have killed for the kind of value AI can add to creativity. It’s an opportunity to leave the guesswork behind and run more impactful campaigns. Like it or not, advertising and marketing are just one of the many fields that AI is going to change.