Apple Mac Mini MGEM2LL/A Guide to a must-have small form factor PC with tons of great features

These days, many consumers prefer small desktop computers to traditional towers. Since most small devices are now compatible with large screens, users want to free up as much space as possible. Large desktop towers will only get in the way. With 4 GB of memory and fourth-generation processors, the Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL/A is proof that a lot of power can be packed into a small package.

Everything works perfectly together. Just plug in a compatible keyboard, display, and mouse, and Mac mini is ready to go. You can plug it in any room or office and get Internet access, thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. 802.11ac technology is provided so that you can enjoy wireless connectivity anytime you want. With the Bluetooth feature, you can share files via AirDrop or Handoff, which are found on Apple devices.

Is one screen via HDMI not enough? Thunderbolt 2 provides support for a dual monitor setup. The card slot (SDXC) allows you to import videos and images from your digital camera. Other connectivity includes multiple USB 3.0 ports to connect all USB-enabled devices, including your iPhone, printer, tablet, etc. “Daisy chain” is possible, which means you can connect up to six devices on a single port.

Additional technical specifications that should be mentioned in an Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL/A include patch include:

• Intel Core i5 (1.4 GHz) dual-core/turbo speed 2.7 GHz CPU

• 4GB RAM 1600MHz

• 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive

• Intel HD Graphics 5000

• 85 watt power supply

Apple Mac mini Fusion Drive Technology MGEM2LL/A

Fusion Drive technology prevents frequently used programs and applications from being used infrequently, placing the former on PCIe-based flash storage, giving you quick and easy access. Data from rarely used programs is placed on traditional storage.

Not used to any operating system other than Windows? macOS is easy to understand. It introduces Siri to the mini, along with all the apps you need to enjoy your music, photos, shopping, social media, work, and other tasks seamlessly across devices.

The machine has dimensions of 7.8 × 7.81.4 inches (WDH) and a weight of 2.62 pounds, making it no heavier than a laptop. In fact, it’s actually LIGHTER than most mainstream laptops.

If you want to multitask, this Mac mini can handle it well. It is also capable of running professional editing programs for sound and movies.

Whether you want to use it at home or in the office, the Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL/A has a lot to offer. It works perfectly as a main computer or as an additional computer on any network. It is also a highly rated energy efficient desktop computer.

There are different types of Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL/A discount offers available to buyers, from educational to retail. With an Apple coupon or two, you should be able to get a good deal on this PC and accessories.