Atomstack Laser Engraver

Atomstack Laser

The Atomstack Laser Engraver is a diode laser engraving machine that can work on a variety of materials. It can etch wood, stone and ceramic, as well as cut acrylic and poly panels. Its laser module is expected to have a lifespan of between 10,000 and 20,000 hours. This makes it a long-lasting and efficient device. The unit has a compact size and can be easily used on small projects. The device also has a foot pad for adjustment of height, which allows the user to use it on larger and longer items.

The laser module in this machine is a 10W diode laser that uses a dual-compression spot technology to increase the power density of the beam. This increases the speed of cutting and etching and reduces the heat on the material. The result is better precision and a higher output. It also allows for an effective laser beam diameter of 0.2mm, which is the ideal size for a laser.

This laser is capable of working on a wide range of materials, including wood and leather. It can also etch on metals and coated glass. However, it is important to note that the laser cannot etch on clear or transparent materials because they are not able to absorb the energy of the laser. This can cause the laser to burn or damage the material, which will result in a poor quality engraving.

Atomstack Laser Engraver

As an alternative, it is possible to cover the material with black marker or spray paint, which will allow the laser to etch on it. It is also possible to engrave on glasses, but it is necessary to blacken the surface of the glass so that the laser can heat it up and create an engraved image. The atomic stack x7 pro can also cut through acrylic, but the material must be sanded down to reduce the risk of damage.

One of the great features of this machine is that it is compatible with a number of different software programs. These include LaserGRBL and LightBurn, which make it easy to customize the machine for your needs. It also supports a variety of file formats, including NC, BMP, PNG, JPG, and DXF.

It is also possible to operate the Atomstack Laser Engraver without a computer, thanks to its offline controller. Its 3.5-inch touch screen is large enough to easily navigate and makes it simple to control the machine. It is also easy to assemble and takes less than half an hour.

The atomstack x7 pro comes with a number of accessories, including green safety goggles. These are essential to protect your eyes from the laser, as even brief exposure can cause permanent eye damage. It is also important to use proper ventilation when operating the laser and never leave it unattended. It is also recommended that you wear a mask if working with flammable or toxic materials. These precautions will ensure your safety and the best results. Moreover, you should not look directly into the beam of the laser at any time.