Black orchids: native only to the Central American jungles

One of the rarest orchids in the world is the Black Orchid. Due to its status as the national flower of the Central American country of Belize, it is illegal to remove this rare orchid from the country. There is a hefty penalty if you are caught trying to smuggle a Black Orchid from Belize.

Orchids grow in humid tropical regions and are a common site in South Florida where they grow wild. However, the Black Orchid is native only to the jungles of Central America. Orchids will grow in indirect sunlight, such as deep in the jungle in areas with radiant sunlight. Orchids also like direct sunlight when you hang them on sneakers.

The black color of this orchid is the determining factor that makes this stunning orchid so rare. Very few flowers in the world have black pedals. No other variety of orchids is as threatened as the black. The Black Orchid is not a man-made flower.

Like other orchids, these black beauties are born on stems called pedicels. During one of the many stages of orchid growth, the pedicel rotates 180 degrees. The black orchid will grow three sepals that form the outer flower spirals and three petals that form the inner flower spirals. However, there is another very distinct petal that is different from all sepals and pedals, it is called the labellum or “lip” and most often it is cup-shaped upwards.

In my opinion, the Black Orchid is just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than a red, orange, or even white orchid. Although pictures speak louder than words, you can never know the true beauty of a Black Orchid until you see it for yourself. ~ Anthony Benjamin ~