Box with dental implant

A common accident that happens to a boxer is the loss of a tooth after a fight. Strong blows can have the power to break a boxer’s teeth. In case this happens, there is a dental remedy through the use of dental implants. Here are ways to get back on your feet and on your teeth.

(1) Chorus of intense training for a while. A boxer who loses not only the fight but also his teeth stands up with new strength – the ability to take much stronger blows. But this does not happen immediately; it takes a lot of rest and a good mindset. The missing tooth or teeth can never be reinstalled. When preparing for a dental implant, a boxer should be in good health; you should stop training long before (or after) the operation.

(2) Go to a dentist. Dental implants are more durable than replacement teeth. Its root is made of titanium, a very strong metal; The artificial tooth is the same as that used in removable dentures (or maybe not). The operation involves money and time. After some preliminary examinations, a dentist drills a hole in the jaw. The screw is then inserted to act as the root of the implant. After weeks (or maybe months depending on certain conditions), artificial teeth / teeth and other things can be placed.

(3) Time to heal. Implant placement can take weeks or even months to fully heal and withstand the power blow. A boxer should eat healthy foods rich in calcium; refrain from training – it can lead to implant defects and even your general health.

(4) Ready to box again. When the teeth are ready, you need to make sure that the last accident never happens again. You should also have a regular check-up with your dentist for further development. You should also choose a durable mouthpiece to protect your teeth. You must be aware of the safety of your teeth and that will affect your fight. But true fighters never lose hope and confidence; sounds trivial but true.

Win the fight and never lose teeth with dental implants. This piece of dental technology adds strength and power. Being strong is not just a matter of the body’s natural ability; it also consists of proper training and mindset, and perhaps reliable teeth.