Celebrity Spas – Be a Celebrity!

Any celebrity worth their weight at an Academy Award knows that their camera-ready close-ups are only as good as the pampering, polishing, grooming, and blasting treatments they receive to tone down those tiny crow’s feet and firm their butt. And where do celebrities go to maintain their flawless beauty? To the most exclusive spas, of course, where they are happy to spend a lot of money in search of cutting-edge beauty treatments.

According to Forbes Traveler, famous beauty expert Ole Henriksen treats stars like Charlize Theron, Prince, Cher, and Renee Zellweger at his Ole Henriksen Face / Body Spa on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Their spa treatment menu reads like a delicious dessert / cocktail menu: African red tea body cocktail, cucumber-honey-milk-face / full body and salty butter – mango scrub. The spa’s 8-step anti-gravity complexion treatment is recommended for those who need to lift, firm, reduce wrinkles and reshape. In other words, it’s a must for anyone within 10 feet of a movie camera.

And all that camera work, makeup, hot lights, and travel can wreak havoc on A-list skin. Celebrities like Paris Felicity Huffman and Jessica Alba turn to Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts in Los Angeles as they battle breakouts. One of the first of its kind, this medi-spa and nutrition center is named after its owner, who set up a tent in a bungalow along Melrose Place. The Somerville $ 250 DermalQuench Facial pumps oxygen, essential mineral vitamins and hydraluronic serum to the skin using hyperbaric pressure.

In San Francisco, Spa Radiance introduces its glamorous Gold Mineral Wrap, which uses a shimmering golden serum to create supple, supple skin. Celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ashley Judd love being pampered here. Sharon Stone reportedly spent $ 750 on the Spa Radiance Grand Luxe treatment, a combination of all the facials available at this beauty retreat.

Miami Beach is decadent, but what could be more decadent than the Evian Experience at Spa V at the Victor Hotel? For $ 5,000, guests can experience a treatment that includes a soak in an infinite hydrotherapy tub filled with Evian water, followed by two hours of spa services and a chef-prepared meal with a chilled bottle of Krug Cuvee Champagne. It certainly wasn’t too lenient for pro tennis player Serena Williams, who participated in this South Beach hot spot. Other guests on the spa’s A-list include Shaquille O’Neil and Gabrielle Union.

Under the care of Sonya Dakar, considered the “Fairy Skin Mother” of Hollywood, no skin is too sallow. Consider the flawless glow of Gwyneth Paltrow or Drew Barrymore, who have long benefited from this Beverly Hills facialist. Her Beauty Boot Camp produces flawless results when addressing issues of diet, lifestyle, and skin care regimens. At the posh Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, celebrities also indulge themselves with LED light therapy, diamond peels, and oxygen treatments.

Private cars line the streets outside Sava Spa, owned by famed esthetician Joanna Czech, who welcomes the likes of Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet and Christy Turlington to her spa in upper Manhattan. Celebrities flock to her services for amazing eyebrow shaping and facial services. Czech’s fabulous $ 350 Ultimate Facial includes two hours of pampering, while the Ren Facial is an English treatment that clients can enjoy in the United States.

If Jennifer Lopez raves about the Spa at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cobos, Mexico, it is surely good enough for almost anyone. The Mexican resort offers guests spiritual comfort through its Holistic Crystal Light Healing massage. Or for the true star treatment, guests can indulge in a spa treatment to suit their whims, along with private butlers in the luxurious spa suites.

Finally, Parrot Cay, the wedding site of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, is also home to COMO Shambhala, a private retreat for those seeking rejuvenation through spa treatments, yoga, and meditation. Yoga teachers from around the world gather in this peaceful retreat for retreats. The spa’s favorite spot is the yoga pavilion that overlooks the island’s wetlands.