Content Marketing Strategies to Generate Topic Ideas

Any SEO campaign depends on the content. Therefore, it is quite unnecessary to explain the importance of finding the right content idea even for a budding blogger. The right content strategy can make any content marketing campaign successful. It is also a fact that the ability to come up with effective content ideas at regular intervals is something that sets successful bloggers apart from others.

Successful blogs and bloggers are often looking for quality writers, but they’re never really short of content ideas. This aspect of successful bloggers often makes others wonder how they consistently manage to come up with unique content ideas. However, there is no rocket science behind it.

All they do is organize their content strategy well. In this context, they find the right sources through which various content ideas can be easily generated. These resources involve certain tools, along with the punch or creativity to choose the right theme. Although no one shares this secret, here we have revealed the most effective ways to find the right content strategy for your content campaign.

Google trends

If blogging or blogging is the stars, Google is its sun. Everyone is interested in impressing the Google search engine to be called as a successful blogger. People, bloggers specifically, are more concerned with Google AdSense than anything else. However, it is recommended that they know something about Google Trend to find quality content topics.

Google Trend is currently the largest and most effective resource for finding useful content topics. It can produce a wide variety of themes for you through a simple search. To be specific, those who are interested in finding the hot topics, based on which they can prepare content to attract the attention of readers; Google Trend would indeed be the most useful source.

The best part of Google Trend is its easy to use feature. For example, if your blog is about real estate, you can simply search for “Real Estate” in the search bar and find the full range of searches for the same term below the search bar. You can simply choose any of them to research about the latest developments made and prepare useful content with unique information.

Once you get the search terms, it’s easier to be creative based on them to come up with catchy titles and content ideas. One thing everyone should keep in mind is that Google never betrays a post that contains unique information based on a trending topic.

Keyword Research Tools for Your Content Development Campaign:

Content marketing campaign is not only important for bloggers; it is equally important for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, PPC activists, etc. And all those marketing campaigns start with keyword research. SEO experts spend a considerable amount of time researching keywords to find the best ones.

Several aspects are taken into account when selecting a keyword to start a campaign with, starting with its level of competition, the potential to generate traffic, etc. To find out those keywords, bloggers or activists often use a variety of tools. In fact, these tools help users find the right keyword. But, to get the most out of that, you need to derive your content ideas, either based on or around those keywords.

Interestingly, these tools suggest related search queries in various ways alongside the main search terms. In addition, they recommend LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. These LSI keywords are the keywords that are equivalent to, but not identical to, your main keyword. No doubt, such recommendations can be helpful in finding the right topics.

Talking about the most effective keyword research tools in modern times, apart from Google AdWords, SemRush, Word Tracker, and Uber Suggest, would be some of the best recommendations. Along with keywords, these tools can be useful from a traffic analysis point of view.

Combine keywords to discover clever topic ideas

As everyone says, blogs don’t have a simple formula. One has to be smart while trying various settings to stay ahead of the competition. Talking about content preparation strategy, instead of preparing titles based simply on a single keyword, one should cleverly combine keywords to generate interesting ideas.

This helps not only find creative themes, but also gives Google a better chance of indexing to spot your site. For example, instead of repeating posts based on “upcoming 2018 movies”, you can generate a combined result like “upcoming 2018 movies based on politicians”. The better you manage to tackle long-tail keywords, the more effective your posts can be.

Simpler Approach: Target Events

Event blogging has turned out to be the easiest strategy for those who run out of ideas to start a blog. However, a regular blogger is not prohibited from blogging about events. Rather, it can be a great way to come up with some content ideas for your site. For example, if your blog is a tech blog and the most popular event currently is the FIFA World Cup, you might generate topics like “the best apps to stay up to date with every FIFA World Cup event” or “Best FIFA Game Apps”. to start your league”, etc.

In short, content generation is a complicated aspect. The more you observe about the latest happenings, the latest content generation trends, etc., the better topics you will be able to discover.