Decoded by Jay-Z

Book Review: Decoded by Jay-Z

The book in question is more or less about how to achieve success no matter what life throws at you. Jay-Z, in fact, is quite similar to the entrepreneurial master Warren Buffet and they both have similar independent thought patterns. Both boys ignore what others say about them and take their own steps in life. You may know that while Warren Buffet’s mentor was his own father, Jay-Z similarly had a mentor in his sixth grade, known as Miss Lowden. Jay Z grew up in New York City, where the J and Z subway lines meet. He has defined what Warren Buffet has called “Discipline to not get caught in the moment.”

Since there are many who doubt Jay Z’s endurance as an entrepreneur or businessman, I advise you to take a look at the statistics. Jay-Z’s record sales statistics are very impressive, 11 consecutive number one albums, which is in itself a world record for the most number one albums by a solo artist. In addition, he has sold more than 50 million copies of his albums worldwide and won 10 Grammy Awards. The numbers show that he is one of the best musicians or music promoter that has ever lived.

If you give this book a try, you will enjoy reading it, as it brings out one of the best ideas of businessmen, the way you see things is unique. The book is quite different from normal day-to-day biographies.

Decoded by Jay-Z takes a look at the mind of a truly fascinating character, if you’re a Jay-Z fan, this book shows his career from start to finish in a phenomenal way.