Dent Repair: Why You Should Consider a Mobile Service

never fails. Finally you get a new car, or at least one that is new to you, and someone slams into your door or bumper. Four-letter words slipping out of your mouth aren’t going to help much, except they might make you feel a little better. If this is the first time you’ve really considered fixing these bumps, then congratulations. You’ve taken the first step in keeping your car’s value where it should be.

If you’ve used a body shop to fix those blemishes, you might not be quite sure you want to go through all of that again. While the job is usually done right and your car looks great, the price and time required for the repair can be high. There is a better way.

Mobile service is fast and cheap

You should consider a mobile dent repair service for your vehicle because they are fast and inexpensive. These highly trained technicians come to you. No more waiting for the body shop to work on your car. You don’t have to wonder if you will be without your car for days. You can have cell service come to your home or work and fix the bumps that made you so angry! The cost is a fraction of what you would normally pay at a body shop and you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

How does a mobile service repair my car?

Through a unique process called Paintless Dent Repair, the technician will manipulate the metal behind the dent. As long as there is no peeling paint and the dent is not located in an inaccessible area, the technician can quickly get your vehicle looking like new. The typical cost is usually well under £100. Try getting that rate at your local body shop!

In conclusion

If you want to fix those dents quickly and cheaply, then a mobile dent repair service is your best bet. This is a good option for leased vehicles too, so you don’t have to pay any damage charges assessed by the leasing company. The cost to fix these types of problems is usually much less than the fees imposed by the leasing company. Many people who have rented cars have used this type of service for the same reason. Once you’ve tried a mobile dent repair service, you probably won’t go back to your body shop!