Dos and Don’ts for Successful Anniversary Gifts

Some people do it every year. They’re Organized – Giving your loved one a meal loaded with champagne, expensive flowers, and poetry that makes Keats sound like Pat Butcher. For the rest of us, however, anniversaries should come with a health warning. They are a day on the calendar of all couples in which the risk of low-flying objects increases tenfold. A day when you realize that you should have more carefully listed the not-so-subtle suggestions that were dropped during the last fortnight. And a day when a celebration of love quickly degenerates into a fit of frozen stares and silent treatment. Sounds familiar? Then read our basic list of dos and don’ts.


Think about it a bit. Times are tough. So obviously you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on gifts. But think about it a bit. Make a list of anniversary gift ideas and follow your hunch. The time it has taken to get it right will not go unnoticed.

Customize it. One sure way to get your partner’s attention is with a personalized anniversary gift. It’s a popular thing to do these days and it doesn’t really add anything to the cost of what you’re buying. There are plenty of possibilities too, from personalized wine, champagne and chocolates to personalized calendars and mugs. You could even buy an original newspaper from your wedding day.

If all else fails, buy a card or go back to the place of your first appointment. Buying a card will only cost you a few pounds. And at least it will show that you haven’t forgotten. The other option is to go back to the place where you first met or had your date. It is a simple gesture, but it is also properly romantic. Unless, of course, you put on McDonald’s after a heavy night.

Follow these simple “dos” and you won’t go far wrong. Top it off with an anniversary gift and you’ll definitely be in the good books. But remember, it’s also about the finer details. Guys, put on a shirt. Turn off Sky Sports. Girls: don’t take years to choose what to wear. And then don’t ask if you look good. Little things go a long way!

Not to do

The local BP garage. Ideal for gasoline, energy drinks and newspapers. And it turns out it’s the last refuge for forgotten anniversary gifts. Every day, men from across the country make a last-minute run to the concrete esplanade in hopes of picking up some inevitably faded flowers, topped with a stock-sized bag of Wine Gums. Don’t do it, guys.

Main street vouchers. Yes, yes, we know, they are the practical option. Safe. Your other half can go to town whenever they want and treat themselves to something that they will definitely like. And about you, nothing less. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Anniversary gifts require more thought. You can’t just take the easy route – the coupon route.

Chicken to go served in a bucket. If you’re looking at pennies and opting for an anniversary takeout, at least it’s a good one. Any form of kebab, hamburger, or chicken in a feeder just won’t do. Romantics are not. Pick something where you can at least open a bottle of red and light a few candles without making it look ridiculous.

Do any of these sound a bit familiar to you? Well not yet. No more excuses! With wedding anniversary gifts available online, your next anniversary can be ordered at lunchtime, from your desk, and, friends, possibly while chewing on the sarnie you bought from the same BP shop this morning.