EGG-Cellent Easter craft ideas

At Christmas, houses are decorated weeks in advance, stores fill with decorations as soon as summer ends, and everywhere you look there are signs that December 25 is approaching. By comparison, it can be easy to be uninspired when it comes to Easter. This seems unfortunate when you consider the religious significance of the holiday for many and the wonderful creative opportunities the festival offers, especially for children. I thought it would be helpful, therefore, to gather some craft ideas and Easter decorating tips to help you make your home look fun and festive before the Easter bunny arrives.

First of all, I’d recommend brainstorming what you associate with this time of year, aside from Easter eggs and bunnies. Think of tulips, daffodils and flowers in the trees, signs of new life in the fields, spring rains and rays of sunshine. Spring is about a bright and fresh new beginning. Think of the colors that remind you of Easter: fresh greens, sunny yellows, sky blue, and lilac. Brainstorming will help you think outside of the (egg) box and help ideas flow …

In the meantime, here are a few to help you on your way:

1. To add a sweet touch to the children’s table at their Easter lunch, why not try making some delicious paper daffodils filled with treats? Simply cut a basic flower shape out of colored paper and then place a cupcake box in the middle (if you imagine a daffodil, the cupcake box represents the trumpet-shaped petals). Fill each cupcake box with little yellow and orange jelly beans and voila, your table will be filled with little edible daffodils.

2. Weather permitting, do your Easter egg hunt outdoors this year. Make a treasure map for the children to follow and leave clues as to where the eggs may be hidden. It will keep them entertained for a long time and means you won’t have sticky chocolate covered fingerprints all over the house …

3. Decorating Easter eggs doesn’t have to be just for kids, add a touch of sophistication by dyeing Easter eggs in a modern ombre style. Simply combine vinegar, dye, and warm water in a glass and then dip an egg into the dye. Hold it there for ten seconds and then lift it slightly so that another few inches come out of the tint. Repeat this process in ten second increments until there is no more egg left for dipping! By rinsing the egg immediately in warm water, you will get a soft ombre effect.

4. For a twist on the traditional vase, why not place bouquets in egg cups on your Easter table? You can even put a hollowed-out egg in the egg cup and then fill it with tiny flowers – a cute and quirky way to add a burst of spring freshness.

5. Paper chains are common Christmas decorations, so why not give them an Easter flair? They are simple to make and are a lovely way to get your kids involved in making decorations. You can even find some useful templates online if you are unsure of your bunny drawing skills.

If you need more decorating ideas or recipes, Pinterest is another great place to look. You can create an Easter mood board filled with inspiring images and delicious Easter treats. While there is certainly still a place for crisp little chocolate Easter nests and traditionally painted eggs, hopefully the ideas in this article have helped inject some fresh spring air into your Easter decorations.