Essential Wakeboarding Equipment – What You Need for a Great Wakeboarding Experience

Wakeboarding is such a good sport that many people are getting hooked. It provides a new dimension of opportunity where you can express yourself. An exciting sport that brings you completely new excitement, excitement and fun all rolled into one. Almost anyone can experience this relatively new sports craze.

Gathering the right equipment is the first step in wakeboarding. Get started by knowing the essential basic equipment for wakeboarding. You can get acquainted with them by entering the cyclists who already have their own equipment. Alternatively, there are excellent resources online. Here are the basic equipments used in wakeboarding.

Wakeboard boat

Get your boat modified before even trying to be a wakeboarder. Waterskiers and wakeboarders have completely different goals when it comes to wakes. Skiers, of course, don’t want sailing. Visitors to the stelae want the highest vigils. You will be surprised how much better you will be if you wake up well.

Almost any boat can be a good wakeboard boat, but if you have a good tournament on board, you can make an especially good wakeboard boat. Ski boats have maximum power and handling – all you need is “wake-up stuff.” The matter that awakens – literally the matter that awakens you – is weight. Most serious wakeboarders use a few giant bags of water which they generally refer to as Fat Sacs (which is also a brand). Two bags, one on each side of the engine, is a good starting point. That will add around 600 pounds to your boat and at least a foot to your wake. If you find yourself jumping through the stele like a stone in a pond, you need a larger stele.

The next key to taking in air is to use an extended pylon. Most riders refer to these poles as Skylons (also another brand). An extended pylon can give you good air in your mid-cabs by providing a dramatic upward pull with little to no effort on your part. It will give you extra float time to really set off that movement and the look of hang time you are looking for. A large wake plus skylon equals a true wakeboarder: automatic acceptance on the lake.


Wakeboard strings made from Spectra, Spectra-Fusion, and Tak don’t stretch, look pretty much like shoelaces, and weigh next to nothing. Almost all standard ropes come in at 60 feet, which is 15 feet shorter than a ski rope, but can be custom ordered to fit longer lengths.


Wakeboarders have their own boards. Since the lawmen of the Old West had their own weapons, you arrive at the ship all ready, with your own board. Don’t settle for the group chart. It will never feel like yours, and with the definition in today’s styles, you’ll look like crazy riding your friend’s Mini Squirt if you’re 100 pounds heavier. Also, the more you want to be a wakeboarder, the newer the board you need to ride. Models go out of date quickly and so do you. New school rules!


Sharing boots like sharing boards is not recommended. You wouldn’t use your friend’s Air Jordans, would you? And don’t think surf straps are acceptable because they are adjustable. They’re old-fashioned relics, and unless you’re towing in Hawaii, you’ll look stupid. True wakeboarders wear boots, preferably high-tech models like the CWB Vert and Fulltilt XTC boot (very futuristic), custom boots like Bad Ass Bindings or Wiley or top-of-the-line Hyperlite Storm Troopers or Liquid Force Super Suctions.

It is important to have them all if you really want to be a true wakeboard rider.