Good diet to get rid of parasites

Any living being in this world needs nutrition to live and this also happens with parasites. A healthy intestinal tract is very important to prevent attacks from various microorganisms or pathogens. It is a well known fact that parasites can be effectively prevented by taking high doses of probiotic substances such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacteria, and L. bulgaricus.

Many home remedy experts are in favor of eating foods that have a strong smell, garlic being one of them. Garlic is considered to have natural antiparasitic properties, as well as antibacterial, fungal, and viral action. Parasites in the intestines like sweet fruits and sugary foods. May include juices, canned / frozen fruits, high fructose items, sugar cane, syrups, etc. Refined flour products and sugary products should also be avoided as much as possible. Fermented foods, bakery products, sweet sprouts, foods high in gluten, beans, starchy cereals, etc. should be avoided.

On the other hand, yogurt, eggs, shellfish, millet, amaranth, buckwheat can be taken since parasites do not like them. It is good to have goat, olive, pumpkin, sunflower and saffron milk, as they create an environment that is unhealthy for parasites present in the intestines. Some dietitians and naturopaths suggest taking soaked almonds (the best), almond butter, and caraway to inhibit the growth of parasites. Turkey, chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, mint, seeds and / or coriander leaves, holy basils are good to have as they all have natural anthelmintic properties and therefore all can kill parasites and their eggs.

Soy milk, onions, cloves, fennel seeds, apple cider vinegar, ginger and asafoetida are some of the most effective edible elements that act specifically on parasites and their eggs present in the intestines and they eliminate them. In addition, they not only help you get rid of parasites, but also improve digestion and assimilation as well. They accelerate the metabolic rate in the body and thus restore hormone levels and keep the body healthy.

Some of the herbs can also be taken as daily health supplements. Herbs like Butea monosperma, Neem, Terminalia belirica, Emblica ribes, cinnamon, cardamom are considered good for the intestines as they improve digestion and also kill parasites and their eggs. They help restore digestion and relieve abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and other related gastrointestinal problems.

Some of the ancient doctors prefer to take buttermilk with coriander seeds, powdered cumin seeds, and a little rock salt. This type of solution would be excellent for treating any type of parasite infestation in the intestines. This solution can be taken daily without worry. There are many detox diets that are readily available on the market under the name of ‘intestinal detox diet’ that contain pills made up of a mixture of effective herbs and must be taken regularly for a certain period of time. The latest research reveals that turmeric can also help kill parasites and their eggs. You can take turmeric raw or you can opt for its powder.

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