Google Penguin Update: Details and Recovery Tips

What is Google Penguin Update?

Google released the Penguin Update in April 2012 to stop spam in search results. There are so many websites that allow you to get or sell backlinks to another network for better search results. So to stop this spam, Google releases Penguin Update. After the Google Penguin update, Google is getting tough on web spam and relevance. If you are a website owner, you need to take action against low-quality and bad backlinks. The Google Disavow Links tool helps you remove these types of backlinks.

Like all other updates, this affected around 3% of search results and affected a large number of high-ranking sites. So there are so many website owners who started working on their website recovery. Now just creating a backlink is not enough, you need to work on other factors like page design, user experience, page load time, server response, quality backlinks, etc. . to rank higher in SERP.

Google says,

In the coming days, we will be rolling out a major algorithm change targeting web spam. The change will lower the ranking of sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. We’ve always focused on web spam in our rankings, and this algorithm represents another improvement in our efforts to reduce web spam and promote high-quality content. While we can’t reveal specific signals because we don’t want to give people one more way to mess with our search results and make the user experience worse, our advice to webmasters is to focus on building high-quality sites that generate good user traffic. . experiment and employ white hat SEO methods instead of engaging in aggressive web spam tactics.

According to the report, many quality websites like Geek, Cultomac, Digg lost their high positions. Here are a few reasons why;

keyword stuffing
Low quality backlinks
Outbound Link Quality
duplicate content
low quality content
Affiliate Websites
Black Hat SEO Techniques [hidden links, text etc.]

How to recover from Google Penguin update?

If Google changes any algorithm update, it will affect your website and search ranking. So, to know which update affects your website traffic drop, then the best solution is Google Analytics. Log into your Google Analytics and see when your website traffic drops. Just like after April 24, 2012, you need to start working on Penguin Recovery. But on April 19, 2012 you have to work on Panda Recovery.

So, here are some tips to get your website back from Google’s Penguin Update;

Link quality

For now, you have to create quality backlinks. If you still buy those 3000 backlinks for just $5, then you need to stop this and focus on quality backlinks. You may lose your search range. There are so many high-quality websites that lose their search rankings due to these activities. If you have some quality backlinks and other spam backlinks, it will affect your overall ranking. So now start building quality backlinks and use the Google Disavow Links Tool to remove low quality backlinks. Make sure the backlink is relevant to your website’s niche.

Anchor Text Layout

Anchor Text Distribution means some pre-defined keywords from the same niche websites, use the same anchor text and link to your website. Most online marketers use anchor text syndication to get quality backlinks. If you’re doing the same thing, stop this and try getting backlinks with a different anchor text.

Google Webmaster Tool:

I think you might be hearing about this, if not then it is Google’s tool to index your website in Google search engine. It allows you to add a sitemap of your website and allows you to analyze the SEO of your website in detail. You can check your website security and issues from it. But now, Google started sending emails to all Google Webmaster users. For example, if you have any problems with traffic, if you have so many low-quality backlinks and much more, they will inform you via email. So this is the best work of Google. So if you are not using the Google Webmasters Tool, start using it.

Unusual Backlinks:

There are so many bloggers that allow guest posting or guest blogging. But if you are a website owner and your website has a proper niche and you start allowing guest blogs with some irrelevant niche then it will affect your ranking in Google. This is called unusual backlinks. Because Google says that these types of links are not relevant to your content or blog topic. So, if you are allowing guest blogging or guest posting, keep your blog topic or niche and only accept those articles that are relevant to your website’s niche.

keyword density

You should also take keyword density into account when writing an article. If you use more than 1.5% of keywords that are called keyword stuffing, stop doing that and try to keep your keyword density below 1.5% and prefer long-tail keywords. You can use Yoast SEO plugin which is the best plugin for SEO and SEOPressor plugin for proper optimization.

keyword stuffing

As I say, you should maintain a keyword density of 1.5% to avoid keyword stuffing. There are some plugins you can use for your WordPress website to prevent keyword stuffing. Search Revenue Alert, Search Term Tagging 2, and Yoast SEO.

automated SEO

You need to stop automated SEO, if you are still using those automated SEO tools then stop using it and try to fix it yourself using SEO tips for beginners. Google does not allow this automated SEO activity.

Social networks

If you are not using social media for your website, then it is your biggest mistake. Because some of the social networking sites are ranked in the search results like Quora, Pinterest, Google+ etc. So if you haven’t created your website’s social media page yet, create it as soon as possible. Once you’ve created social media pages, place the social sharing button on your website. So your readers can easily subscribe or follow you on social media and share your articles.

There are many advantages of social networking like the first and most important is that some of the social networking sites rank in the search results. Secondly, social networking sites are high-quality sites with high DA (Domain Authority) PR (Page Rank). Third, social networking sites have a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis. Fourth, social networking sites provide nofollow backlinks (instead of Tumblr, Tumblr provides dofollow backlinks), which is useful for building backlinks from high-quality sites and driving traffic to your website. . And the fifth is that it’s free! So, build your social media presence.