Halo Reach Tips – MLG Reflection

Reflection is as of now the largest map on the MLG circuit and since it is a large map it should be played as such. This map will bring back memories of Halo 2, but there are many different things. Number one: the placement of power weapons. There is no overshield, sword, or shotty on the new map … but the rocks and the snipe remain. The snipe is now located on the back wall, while the rocks are located below the default snipe spawn at the bottom of the trees (12:10 and 2:10 are rocks that appear first for Slayer and One Flag) . You can pick up the Jetpack AA found underneath the snipe location on the back wall, and the lower half Evade AA in the waterfall area where the energy sword used to be.

Team killer

Rocks are not a factor in the first three minutes, use those crucial moments to set up the control. The balcony (matchmaking sniper spawn) gives you high ground and the best view, however there are downsides. If you choose to mount there, you will have to keep an eye on the elevator behind you and be very aware of the grenades. While guarding the elevator, your teammates will need to pedal and make sure to cover the shooting sides and OS.

The next area for installation is on the wall where the snipe is located. It does not have as much coverage as the balcony, however you have more options and it is more difficult to get stuck here, if you have to resort to
a plan b.

Most teams will try to lock down one of the settings and hold it for a long time, however it is becoming apparent that strategy is not the best idea in Halo Reach unlike in the Halo 2 version. Since rocks have the strength God and grenades are like mini nukes, just holding a setup now is what it was before. In my opinion, the best strategy is to play this map as Amplified in Halo 3. Stay aggressive and use calls to keep the pressure high. The goal is to spawn, catch the other team, and swarm it. Never allowing them to recover.