Have fun using various hardware on kitchen cabinets and add interest

Shaker cabinets are super flexible type doors that can be modern, traditional, old world, or a variety of other styles depending on what they are combined with in terms of design. Depending on the tile, lights, and hardware, one can easily add interest and change the entire feel of a room.

Think of kitchen utensils like the cherry on ice cream. It is the completion of any good design and can make it look completely different than it did before.

Nickel and steel

Nickel and steel are two finishes that continue to add value to a home when added, and especially in the kitchen. One simply cannot go wrong choosing these finishes for the hardware on your shaker cabinets in any color or stain.

Since vibrating cabinets are known for their clean and beautiful lines, they work perfectly with simple designs in hardware, however ornate knobs and pulls can be fun too. Add retro flair with white shaker cabinets or recessed versions with exposed hinges for a fun look.

Antique brass

Brass is a tough yet shiny finish to match shaker cabinets. Anyone looking for a warm and inviting kitchen will be pleased with the addition of brass handles. Add them with stainless steel appliances and countertops, industrial fixtures, dark or medium stained cabinets, and even subway tiles just to come up with a few ideas.

Oil rubbed bronze or brass looks amazing on the white or gray cabinets that are very popular this year. See what can be found in antique stores and skip the cookie cutter pulls found in big box stores.

Glass Cabinet Pulls

Another vintage look is the glass and ceramic handles. Rustic style shaker cabinets will turn heads and grab it by adding these contrasting elements. These knobs and pulls come in a variety of styles and colors, as well as opaque and transparent styles.

They can even be the perfect amount of sparkle for a feminine kitchen and add a chandelier. Why not go out of your way and really make a statement? Even glass front cabinets with a wood frame, still in vibrating cabinet style, can benefit from ceramic and glass pulls.

Flat and tubular bar sweaters

These types of vibrating cabinets with a wood or colored finish give it a very contemporary or modern feel. If the homeowner is drawn to clean lines and basic, minimal styles, they will love them. They work great in townhomes and apartments in the city, especially those with exposed ceilings and rough brick walls.

Polished nickel is a popular choice as it sticks to the modern theme. However, they do come in a variety of finishes and lengths. Pair them with light and dark vibrating cabinets for a unique look. Choose granite, stone or concrete countertops and the same for the floors. Also, the glass backs go well together. Elegant, modern and surprising, anyone who visits this kitchen will be in awe.

Sweaters with legs and bows

For an elegant touch, consider arched and leg pulls that come in a variety of finishes, in glass and ceramic. Each type creates a different feel and is based solely on personal preference. Traditional and classic, they are perfect for shaker cabinets. Change colors to keep cooking interesting and having fun.

Mosaics are a fun addition to this type of kitchen, and decorators shouldn’t be afraid to mix up various finishes. This year you can put together nickel, bronze, glass and everything else. It’s one of those “no rules” vibes. However, there is a strategic location that one can observe to satisfy OCD friends.

Regardless of which handles or knobs are chosen to adorn shaker cabinets, there is no denying that they are the perfect choice for any kitchen.